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  The computer code Ramsay Brown creates finds the best moment to give you one of those rewards, which have no actual value, but Brown says trigger your brain to make you want more. For example, on Instagram, he told us sometimes those likes come in a sudden rush. Ramsay Brown: They're holding some of them back for you to let you know later in a big burst. Like, hey, here's the 30 likes we didn't mention from a little while ago. Why that moment-- Anderson Cooper: So all of a sudden you get a big burst of likes? Ramsay Brown: Yeah, but why that moment? There's some algorithm somewhere that predicted, hey, for this user right now who is experimental subject 79B3 in experiment 231, we think we
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*Thomas Samuel Kuhn was an American philosopher of science whose 1962 book The Structure of Scientif…
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Game theory is the study of how and why people make decisions. (Specifically, it is "the study of ma…
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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thinking,_Fast_and_Slow Thinking, Fast and Slow summarizes research t…
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  •  · https://www.marketingsociety.com/think-piece/system-1-and-system-2-thinking
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Already from ancient times it has been known that the best way to learn things is to learn from expe…
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Hello everyone! \☺/ I would like to share my vision and an early version of white paper for bitofgo…
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  •  · Very long but interesting read  . I enjoyed it and i am looking forward to seeing this happen  
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If you're reading this you are one of the very 1st people joining us at testing the capabilities of …
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