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Simple Dialog Menu in Second Life - Tutorial LSL Script

This is a simple dialog menu script for Second Life. Script is written in a way that makes it very easy for people who don't know how to program to modify and use it.

//OPEN SOURCE SCRIPT LIBRARY                            
//[W] Wili Clip - 2020 \⊙͜o/
//For more open source scripts check: 
// License: GPLv3            
// https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0/         

//here you change the buttons (change only what is between " ")
string button1 = "button 1";
string button2 = "button 2";
string button3 = "Close";
//Those are the buttons
list MENU = [button1,button2,button3];

//This is the message your dialog menu will give you
string menu_message = "Button 1 will say my name";

//channel that dialog will listen for 
//( you could use almost any full number for this variable for example 999145 )
//but we'll make a function that will create some random number
integer DIALOG_CHAN;
// this thingy will make script listen whatever is selected from menu
integer listen_handle; 

//This is just a function that will create random number for the menu channel
integer rand_chan(){
    return (integer)((float)16777216 * llFrand(1.0));

    llInstantMessage("548e9899-8d3a-4822-8f79-d2efbf442243","Simple Menu tutorial Tinkerer: secondlife:///app/agent/"+(string)llGetOwner()+"/about");

        //generate random channel number using our function
        DIALOG_CHAN = rand_chan();   
        //Say hello

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        //when touched it opens a channel on number DIALOG_CHAN (this makes our script listen what is selected on menu). We'll also close this channel when people press menu.
        if (listen_handle != 0)
            // remove the previous listen handler
            listen_handle = 0;
        listen_handle = llListen(DIALOG_CHAN,"","","");
        //adding dialog that will be displayed on touch
    // listen event
    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
        if( channel == DIALOG_CHAN)
        {//if someone send something trough this channel number (only buttons from menu can use this channel)ah bu
            if(message == button1)
                //This is what gets triggered when button is clicked
                llSay(0,"You pressed button 1 and your name is umm: "+ llKey2Name(id));
            if(message == button2)
                //This is what happens when button 2 is clicked
                llSay(0,llKey2Name(id)+" now you clicked button 2"); 
            if(message == button3)
                //This is what happens when button 3 is clicked
            //we close the listen for our channel so that it doesn't make lag
            listen_handle = 0;    

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