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Bitcoin economics - Coca Cola - freedom and governments

I am unhappy with my own government systems (all of its branches Legislative, Executive, Judicial and all of its systems and subsystems).

I believe that you too as you dealt through various offices of public service and ever increasing legal restrictions and bureaucracy you have grown frustrated and demotivated. In some countries there is more bureaucracy in others less and in some countries things are improving as new tech is used to make things more simple, faster and efficient and in others tech is being used for even higher surveillance more restrictions to freedoms and potential for human growth.

I am a global citizen. I don't subscribe to any religion, any political views, I believe in my own experience and science. I want to be free of any kind of force and coercion. I have learned in my life that once I removed all of the stresses from my life by opting out of what was expected from me I became incredibly creative. I was no longer in service of my own nation but in service of all human kind and humanity. That is why I am interested in disruptive technologies and creative destruction. That is what I specialize in and that is my modus operandi. I will always look for optimal way for things to be. I research, experiment, I learn and I teach.

With the process that was enabled by internet the way that natural progression of things is going is towards greater globalization and more unity and more sharing between people and a greater understanding that we are all connected. There are natural obstacles to it such as cultural differences and different languages but just like Coca Cola at one point was everywhere in the world so is going to be with new disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrencies, blockchains, crypto finance.

There are currently 2 competing social systems or empires with different ideologies. Western that is based on representative democracy and with values of personal freedom (even if those sometimes get eroded) and Eastern lead by China model of suppression of freedom and repression of individual who deviates from what is expected from them. Repression, suppression and social control of individual is based on values of a greater purpose of collective.

Both systems have their advantages and inefficiencies... China has an advantage of numbers. It is a growing super power.

Every animal that is put into a cage will try to escape and invest energy to be free. Natural way of being for every living being is to be free. There is a great power in technologies that enable greater freedom and there is natural force and innate incentive in all humans who become aware of importance of personal freedom to align their energies and at some critical point of too much repression and suppression of freedom, masses form and direct the course of society towards greater freedom. Those are natural forces that there isn't any army or repressive apparatus in the world that could control.

Bitcoin has all the potential to become global money, a sort of like digital gold. So bitcoin a Coca Cola of money. Yes it is disputed, discussed and everyone has their own opinion, theories, motives or political views. But we can not dispute that it is global, its more efficient, more private, it makes it possible for you to be your own personal bank and be independent. Soon everyone is going to have some. Because it is as sweet as Coca Cola and it has a taste of freedom and a promise of a better future built on more efficient and decentralized systems that can not be easily misappropriated or subverted by interests of a politically influenced few.

There are natural forces that are directing energies of humans from all over the world towards bitcoin. The top 1% or more like top 0.01% who have the most capital and assets and political influence are investing in bitcoin before the masses of people realize what is coming. Smart money aligns 1st.

There will be inflation and that a secret tax to citizens and in other words it is devaluation of currencies. It is natural way in history how governments get rid of their national debts. The value of debts denominated in currencies simply decreases as central banks print more and more of the currencies that governments hand out to people to consume more as to try to boost the deflating economies (caused by less consumption). It is a process and its coming. In the coming times the price of gold and cryptocurrencies () will go up.

But it isn't going to be the value of gold and crypto currencies that is going to grow but the price of gold and crypto currencies are going to grow because there will be more and more paper currency in hands of people while the gold and crpyto currencies will stay limited in supply.

It is one of the basic principles in economics when supply of 1 thing grows against the fixed amount of 2nd thing. The 1st thing will be seen as less valuable than 2nd thing. It is basic principle that explains why diamond and gemstones and gold are so valuable. 

Scarcity of 1 good drives demand as it means its not enough for everyone and as everyone wants to have it that makes the price of that good grow so that only those who have the most money can afford it. If the good is widely available like for example tap water it is cheaper in price.

Water is always cheaper than diamonds. But in our society out of ignorance or because we aren't taught we have our values twisted and we are actually not aware that water for us and for our survival is more valuable than diamonds. ;)

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