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Goldtokens TOS

At this time the Community Standards are undergoing a revision / clarification. During this process we ask that you be patient with the frequent changes and edits. Please keep in mind that while the revisions are in progress that any questions or final decisions regarding procedures will be determined by the administration.

About the Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply to our games only. They provide a framework for players and landowners to operate from so that people have the best overall experience possible.They are secondary to the Second Life Terms of Service and the Second Life Community Standards, so if your complaint is associated with these you must file a complaint with Linden Lab, as our staff cannot enforce these regulations.

RL Constitution is above laws
RL laws are above LL TOS
LL TOS is above LGH TOS
Landowners sim rules above LGH TOS as long as they're sensible.

Gaming Rules
1.0 - Land Owner Rules
1.1 - Coins, gems, and buoys must be placed where the are accessible to all hunters. Violations of this rule include but are not limited to:
1.1.1 - Coins, gems, and buoys in secret skyboxes that do not have a freely accessible teleport system from ground level.
1.1.2 - Coins and gems buried under the terrain level so as to make them impractical.
1.1.3 - Coins and gems buried inside objects or clusters of objects so as to make them impractical.
1.2 - Security systems must not be used in the vicinity of coins or gems.
1.3 - Land with coins and/or gems must be set to allow for general access OR have land rules that all players may follow clearly stated at landing point upon landing. Hunters must not be selectively banned to give others a game advantage. Note that maturity ratings are fine and hunters with unverified accounts should expect to be unable to access adult hunting locations and skill gaming regions. ( https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_Policy )
1.3.1 - We disallow any restrictions or land bans based on a hunter's experience, tenure, rank, skill. However you may have a land restriction based on avatar age.
1.3.2 - Land restrictions against child avatars and nude avatars are permissible on any sims.
1.3.3 - Land restrictions based on avatar name, race, ethnicity, persuasion, etc. is never permitted.
1.3.4 - Land restrictions based on avatar type or a specific type of attire to fit the theme of a sim is permitted provided required attire/avatar is readily available to all players via the SL Library or provided by landowner to players for free. Staff approval must be granted before implementing such restrictions.
1.3.4a - Lands requiring adhering to a theme will be removed from Fish Hunt HUD/site to avoid attracting unsuspecting players.
1.3.4b - Landowner is expected to explicitly state theme rules and give players a fair opportunity to adhere to them.
1.3.4c - Landowners may advertise themed events in our groups as an invitation to players. Frequency of invitations should not exceed one message per hour.
1.4 - It is permitted to limit access to buoys from Fish Hunt only and only as an exception. However, the owner must inform staff beforehand. These buoys will be removed from our systems and no players will be able to locate them using our HUD. Additionally, the landowner must refrain from advertising the location or associated events in our groups.
1.5 - Coins and gems must be generally available and not deliberately disabled so that specific hunters only may use them.
1.6 - Coins, gems, and buoys must not be modified in any way.
1.7 - Please note that landowners may not make any land rules which change the character or design of the game itself. This would include but is not limited to: not allowing players to clear away unattended or previously clicked coins ( sometimes referred to as stealing ); introducing excessive obstacles to coins and other individual landowner based requirements which change the nature of Gold Hunt.
1.8 - Landowners may not use LGH products, LGH group notices, or LGH group chat to intentionally bait players. Examples of this include repeatedly setting and reverting multipliers within seconds, or picking up gems or coins as a player is waiting for a timer. As an LGH Landowner you must, in good faith, want visitors/traffic on your land.

2.0 - Player Rules

2.1 - Players must obey the bespoke rules of the lands which they visit. This includes not using objects that allow flying in no-fly areas. Land Owner rules supersede Gold Hunt rules. We DO NOT get involved with ANY landowner bans against Players.

2.2 - Players must show respect to Land Owners and Officers/Managers appointed by Land Owners at all times. Land owners provide a free service to Players.

2.2a - Players may not tell landowners how to run their land or demand changes to suit the tastes of the player. If a player finds a land or landowner disagreeable, the player is expected to select a different land to play on. Landowners are offering LGH activities as part of *their* sim, and are not beholden to players. Players will keep in mind, greater diversity of landowners and lands benefits LGH players overall.

2.2b - Players should not respond to invitations to themed events if they are not interested in the theme or event.

2.2.1 - Players must not defame, talk bad of, spread rumors, criticize or seek to spread any negative publicity of LGH - Goldtokens products & brands and of any of our Partners. This is seen as serious violation and will lead to a permanent ban from all of our systems.

2.2.2 - Players may not use more than one avatar at the same Fish Hunt buoy or Gold Hunt parcel during the same event or time frame. Multiple/Alt accounts are allowed, provided they are not used to double-dip at events or circumvent cool-down timers on buoys or coins.

2.2.3 - Players may not teleport other players to any coins on lands where landowners don't allow it.

2.2.4 - Teleporting coin to coin is only allowed on lands where landowners allow it. Refer to in-world rules as outlined by LGH Staff for a better description if needed.

2.4 - Players must not defraud or seek to defraud through hacking or any other means either LGH - Goldtokens products or any of our Partners.

2.5 - For players, we actively enforce the following Second Life Terms of Service, and violations can result in Disciplinary action as outlined:

2.5.1 - You will not stalk, harass, or engage in any sexual, suggestive, lewd, lascivious, or otherwise inappropriate conduct with minors.

2.5.2 - You will not post, display, or transmit content that is obscene, hateful, threatening, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

2.6 - Players will not introduce onto any sim any object visible or invisible that interferes with coins or gems in any manner.

2.7 - Players will not demand that land owners refill buoys, coins or other objects with funds. It is a landowners right to fund our games how and when they want.

2.8 - Pursuant to Second Life TOS section 3.2 the use of Display names..account names or titlers that are defamatory, slanderous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable are subject to action being taken against the person using said names. Evidence MUST be provided not merely saying someone was wearing a name that violates this section of TOS.

2.9 Players will forfeit any and all future use or participation on the Royal Fish Hunt or Royal Gold Hunt if they remove the corresponding picks from their profiles.

3.0 - Types of Disciplinary Action

3.1 - Violations of our Terms of Service may result in, but are not limited to:
Probationary period which if violated will result in next step being taken immediately as outlined during hearing.
Deduction of XP points and other game resources.
Deduction of earnings.
Deletion of coins, gems and other items’ budgets.
Deletion of coins, gems and other game items.
Banning from our group chat.
Banning from the Business Park sim and other LGH managed lands.
Removal of verified account status and other privileges.
3.2 - The level of disciplinary action will depend on the seriousness of the offense.
3.3 - Should you have your account banned and you go click coins for another player to help them advance their points that person will be violating sections 2.2 and 2.4 and can lose their account as well. Once you are banned from playing LGH games that means just that..you are banned permanently.

Money Handling Policy

4.0 - Gold Hunt Account
4.1 - We holds player earnings securely in trust in their Gold Hunt Account until their collection from one of our ATM machines.
4.2 - Note that such funds are virtual game tokens until the point of payment. No contract exists between LGH - Goldtokens and players, although seizure of funds is only made as a result of severe and aggravated disciplinary action.
4.3 - We will withhold player earnings until they reach at least 1L$ due to the payment restrictions of Second Life.
4.4 - We reserve the right to seize funds held in a player's Gold Hunt Account if there is a clear breach of our Terms of Service.
4.5 - No offer is made of any interest or other appreciation of funds held in a player's Gold Hunt Account. Therefore Second Ads does not offer a banking service and is not in violation of Linden Lab's inworld banking policy.

5.0 - Land Owner Budgets

5.1 - We holds customer budgets securely in trust in their item budgets until the amount is claimed by players.
5.2 - Refunds to customer budgets are not normally given.
5.3 - We reserve the right to seize funds held in a customer account if there is a clear breach of our Terms of Service.
5.4 - No offer is made of any interest or other appreciation of funds held in a customer account. Therefore Second Ads does not offer a banking service and is not in violation of Linden Lab's inworld banking policy.

Group Chatroom Policy

6.0 - Group Chatroom Rules
6.1 - Refrain from cursing and posting sexual content in Group Chat. Adult/R-rated content is unacceptable. We're all adults here, but if it's something you would avoid saying in front of a potential employer and/or your grandmother, it has no place in group chat.
6.2 - Group chat must not contain attacks against individuals, products or companies. That particularly applies to both products of Second Ads and those of other companies. If you have an issue use the Customer Feedback Form on Product Support page.
6.3 - Advertising non ADS products, services, companies or begging is not permitted in group chat.
6.4 - Notices advertising groups that support or create communities around our games may be permitted with the approval of a Senior Management. Posting links to groups in chat is not tolerated.
6.5 - Group chat is a place for friends to enjoy mature and amicable conversation. It is not a hotbed for drama. Instigators of drama in group will not be tolerated. Personal, highly political or emotive issues should also be sorted out on a personal basis and not in group.

7.0 - Group Chat Disciplinary Action

7.1 - Offenses in group chat will be handled in the following order:
First Offense: A warning will be sent from a group moderator. Optional muting if the moderator deems it necessary.
Second Offense: Permanent banning from group chat. Note that we use the Smartbots chat protection system - do not expect to leave group and rejoin to regain your chat privileges. A permanent ban from group chat means just that.
7.2 - Note that any defamation of Second Ads products, staff or of the company itself will likely result in an immediate and permanent ban from the group. This overrides the normal process of dealing with offenses. Further acts of defamation may result in disciplinary actions being taken.

Website Conduct Policy

8.0 - Land Reviews Policy
8.1 - Land reviews must remain polite at all times. They must be used to express objective and valuable feedback on how a player has enjoyed their experience or not. If not they are required to provide an genuine feedback on how player experiences could actually be improved.
8.2 - Land reviews must not be used as a forum for flaming contests or any form of deliberate attacks. They are for helpful feedback and sending thanks to landowners only.
8.3 - Land reviews in contravention of these rules will be deleted by staff immediately.

9.0 - Blogging Policy

9.1 - Blogging may be used to promote players' products, give expertise or just general commentary on players' Second Life. However, blogging should not cover topics that are highly sexual, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive.
9.2 - Comments must remain polite at all times and flaming or trolling will not be tolerated. Feel free to express differing opinions, but then end the discussion at that point rather than creating a slanging match.
10.0 - Website Disciplinary Action
10.1 - Failure to comply with the terms regarding website conduct may result in losing account privileges and your use of the website being severely hampered, including not being able to add comments or make blog posts.

Staff Protection Policy

11.0 - Rules to protect our staff
11.1 - Our staff do so much for players and land owners alike. verbal rudeness, threats, or otherwise offensive attacks, directed against Game Masters or other staff will not be tolerated. This will be considered a gross violation of the terms of service and will result in disciplinary action being taken.


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