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Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt: Is it profitable?

Years ago, I had started, on another account, a step by step walkthrough to show that Fish Hunt was actually profitable. Back then. there was a lot of argument on if it was worth it.

Given all the changes over the last 3 years, I decided to bring a new character to start fishing, and do it as through a person who can not spend any real life money on SL.  A lot of you will probably go  "Well duh" about some of the things that go on here, But I expect this to be a good resource for new players to see what IS possible.

So, without further ado, Lets get it on

Part 1: The first 50 Worms

So we just got started, and we get a shiny new beginners Rod and 50 worms to use.  A general rule is to check the Land Map and go to lands based on 1: Higher Multiplier and 2: Fishpots near popping (any that are red).  This will help you maximize the profit you can get.  Gold Hunt Coins you may run across heading to your fishing are great to grab too. They are free money, and can help offset any fishing losses.

Basically at the end of each fishing trip you want to be able to get another 100 worms for the next run.  But 50 worms does not mean you only get 50 casts! Fishing Lotteries that give worms are quite common. With my first 50 worms I caught 106 fishes.

Total gained from fishing and coins was 96.57 (0.55 of that was from coins)

One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they deciding what worms to buy. Going more than small worms may be tempting, but the costs are higher. It is possible to buy at the wrong price, and lose money on every cast even if you on a x10. (i'm looking at you, Magic Worms!)

If you WANT to buy the higher end worms. look at the price compared to small worms, and that will tell you the minimum multiplier you should fish on.  At time of posting this:

Small Worms: 0.26
Tasty Worms: 0.71 (minimum x3)
Enchanted Worms: 3.07 (not worth even x10)
Magic Worms: 33.19 (yea... no)

This is because the quality of worms do not actually increase payout. What they DO is increase experience gained and Lottery chance, which may or may not allow them to be profitable ifg you get a lot of worms in lottery. Only do this for testing, and find out what your comfortable with AFTER you get some more money and experience.

So why 100 worms? Worms are priced as a per unit. You can not get a partial worm, and you have to pay into barrel. So, we buy 100 worms for 26 linden.

Income: 96.54
Cost: 13 linden (pro rated for the 50 original)
Profit: 83.54 (643%)

One thing that may be beneficial to do is to sell a fishers card buy clicking the red demon woman in the center of Business Park.  Place a card for either 2400 dollars at 20% (to get a pro rod), or 6000 at 50% for the deluxe rod. You could put it for higher, but these prices seem reasonable.  If someone purchases that card, you get to upgrade to a higher rod quickly (at the limit of 300 linden pulled out of the account per day), in exchange for some of your money being given to the person funding you. In time, you may be able to buy your card back from them!  Or, you can participate in the new fishers program, and bring a new person to begin fishing and get a deluxe rod on credit as well. This is a viable alternative to selling your fishers card, as it will automatically take 50% of earnings until the rod is paid off.

With the fisher cards, it is important to note you only get 50% of the price you asked for, and an additional 25% for any future resell. This means that though the card may pay to someone else until you get it back, it might get resold multiple times for an added boost each time.

I chose to put my card up for sale :)

We will continue the journey in this discussion. If your new, ask questions! if you are a veteran, give advice!

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  • Good Job Skree! Thanks for showing and doing the math for the newer fishers!

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    • Part 2: 100 worms

      So, the 100 worms we bought last time were FINALLY used up

      Out of the 100 worms we bought, we caught 217 fish. As you can see, you can expect on average 2 fish per worm over time due to the fishing lottery. 

      Fish Total: 323 
      Income: 101.21 (includes .4 in coins and 1 from sploder while fishing)
      Cost: 26
      Profit: 75.21 (289%)

      Total Earned: 197.75
      Total Spent: 26
      Current Profit: 171.75 (660%)

      Cash on Hand:171
      In ATM: 0.75

      If we wanted to, we could sell the fish on commission, but all our fish if we sold it would only be worth about 2 linden, so better off to hold it for our future worm farming.

      Now, to demonstrate the other worms, we will go ahead and buy 100 tasty worms to fish with next, so you can see how it may or may not affect overall profit

      At current rate, it will cost us 72 linden for 100 tasty, almost the entire profit we made with 100 normal worms. Will it be worth it? We will calculate the profit of those worms on the next section and decide for ourselves.

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      • Part 3: The evil of Tasty Worms

        Ok, so not evil per se, but they are certainly something to stay away from if you are trying to make a profit.

        Out of the 100 tasty worms, we only caught 103 Fish.  That's right, we were getting MORE catches with the lower end worm, at a third of the cost

        Fish Total:426
        Income:34.74 (.1 in coins)
        Cost: 72
        Loss: 37.26 (52%)

        Total Earned: 232.49
        Total Spent: 98
        Profit: 134.49 (137%)

        Cash on hand: 134

        Tasty worms do have their place though. using a beginner rod, they give 6 times the experience as normal worms, making them a great power leveling tool. But, if you trying to not spend every cent you have, you be better off growing your worms (more on that later!)

        Buying 100 Small worms for 26 linden

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        • I think even if you struggle to catch big fish and earn with the fish hunt. Gold hunt is really good at helping with earning that little bit more in your balance. To me I feel like fishing is a gamble and can be hit and miss. Sometimes you will catch good fish and others times you will catch fish that doesn't cover the cost of the worm. I think those who have worm farms and plenty of worms do have a great advantage over those who buy worms. For myself I have been mixing things up and doing a bit of goldhunt with fishing but also going around watering sunflowers and composters. I think most the profit I tend to get comes from collecting coins because goldhunt doesn't cost anything to play whereas with fishing i'm constantly having to buy worms. 

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          • Part 4: Supplementing your income

            Robotshaz is absolutely correct, and is a great segway into this next part for new fishers.  There is more than just the Fishing that can earn you money on the GoldTokens.net platform, as well as other opportunities on lands you visit.

            Gold Hunt is a way for getting free money just by spending a bit of time. And the best part is, some of the best places to hunt are not necessarily on the top of the leader board!  Looking around on lands that are near middle of the pack may be best bet to find larger coins that are ready to click.  You also should pay attention to the Gold Hunt Vote Board if they have one to see when they will have a Gold Rush next. This is especially important because some  coins may be found in range of your fishing spots!

            Some places have additional ways to earn money while your fishing. For example, fishing at Pure Beauty, the Sploder paid me 40 Linden in total..  I include that in my profit calculation because this is something any new fisher may have had happen to them.

            One way to also make money with little effort is the Virtual Jobs System.  Its under development still, but you can work a job and get paid a bit of money for the time you put in.  Yes, you pay a 50% (30% if you a top 10 worker) commission, but that is no different than a land owner paying 50% commission to a buoy or coins. If you want to try the system, get the wallet from the Marketplace, Then go to the Yellow Buoy near the Royal Fishing Board in Business Park. There is a job there that pays 1 linden per 15 min just being a greeter and helper. Fish at the buoy, do an hours worth of work, and do the trivia, then you can cash out your earnings from the wallet directly into your linden account. Be sure to write a review as you can earn 10 more linden doing that.

            I had bought a second round of worms before posting this, so since last post I bought 204 worms, and fished up 272 Fish.  Not quite the 2:1 I was making a the beginning, so maybe there is a bonus to getting worms if you have less than 1000xp. Regardless if there is or not, by taking advantage of Gold Hunt, Virtual Jobs, Trivia, and Sim events while fishing, we ended up with a nice income.

            Fishing Earned: 145.25
            Gold Hunt Earned: 25.60
            Trivia Earned: 3.00
            VJ Earned: 2.00
            Sim Events: 47.00
            VJ Review: 10.00

            Earned: 232.85
            Spent: 52
            Profit: 180.85 (344%)

            Overall Earned: 465.34
            Overall Spent: 150
            Total Profit: 315.34 (210%)

            Cash on Hand: 315
            In ATM: 0.34

            Oh, and make sure you join the Royal Fish Hunt and the Royal Gold Hunt! You can win extra money if you get a high score!

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            • Part 5: Watering

              This time, I had a total of 300 worms I fished with. But, in addition to Virtual Jobs, Trivia, and gold hunt, I also watered composters and sunflowers! Some people put a price on those, either in linden or in gold (which is used for crafting potion), which can make them quite lucrative to do. I earned more by watering than I did hunting coins this time around.

              I also made myself a royal potion, that added 5 charges to my Royal Hunt. For collecting coins, it gave me a total of 50 more points towards this weeks hunt. Making your own potions is worthwhile, either to resell or use yourself for an added bonus.  You can go to Business Park help center and click on crafting to get a list of recipes.

              You can get most ingredients by collecting from Snuffle spots, or buying the ingredients from the commission stores. At current values, the cost to make each of the potions are as follows:

              Alacrity - 15
              Pet XP - 68
              Potion of Magic - 149
              Royal Potion - 12
              White Magic Powder - 43
              XP Elixer - 51

              You can also buy them from players for a small markup.

              Fish Hunt: 198.94
              Gold Hunt: 12.80
              Trivia: 3.00
              Virtual Jobs: 7.00
              Watering: 24.10
              Sim Rewards: 32.00

              Worms: 76.00
              Recipe: 5.00

              Income: 277.84
              Cost: 81.00
              Profit: 196.84 (244%)

              Total Income: 743.18
              Total Cost: 231.00
              Total Profit 512.18 (222%)

              Cash 512
              ATM: 0.18

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              • money spent worm amount earnings in atm total profit worms left buoys
                50L$ 192 183.48 133 28 x10,x2's etc and x1
                50L$ 192 95.94 45 0 just x2's
                50L$ 192 115 65 26 yellow and red buoys only

                I started doing this challenge where I only spend 50L a time and see how much 50L would earn me.

                I have been buying worms at 0.26 per worm which is 192 I always start with.

                As I can see so far I can earn pretty well even when sticking to red and yellow buoys only. I did well at the yellow and red buoys because I was getting quite a few worm lotteries which helped me get more worms and therefore more lindens. With spending 50L i would start off with 192 and I would fish until I had run out of worms or when I didn't have enough to start and finish another buoy. I made most profit first time because I went to a x10 event and x2's and a x1. So far I think  sticking only to x2 buoys isn't very profitable. I earned more fishing at the red and yellows although earning at those red and yellows was taking longer because of worm lotteries that kept happening.

                Also another reason as to why I can earn more at red and yellow buoys is purely down to not having wrigglers when fishing at those buoys. So although you can earn the most profit by fishing at high multiplier buoys. it is worth noting that if your wrigglers count because of not having a shark or magic rod... you might be better fishing at some red and yellow buoys.

                This challenge of mine is still ongoing. I am still spending 50L on worms everytime and I am curious to see how the profit changes each time. What you earn from fishing really comes down to luck and from fishing more and more I do feel like the chances of getting fatter and better valued fish gets better. So yes fishing is profitable but the profit that is made is always changing.

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                • also everytime I fish I always save 50 lindens from my earnings to use on worms so I can keep fishing on and keep the challenge going.

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