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Fishing at Lignum extra mundum earlier on. Multiplier event x2

xrrav8kya2sbmabpqh3dtq42ajj8byns.pngEarlier on I went to Lignum extra mundum fishing place. It was different from the last time I saw the place. It has a really lovely swimming pool and I like how things are set out. There were some difficulties when fishing as my rod and other people's rods kept acting up and getting a lot of oh dear messages. It was difficult for me to keep casting but I kept going until I managed to eventually spook the buoy.

8j8tdaafvuicfmyr8bhu7e2anz37jhj7.pngWas lovely to see a cat fishing too and everyone else.

zhqgtbyinqr6qrr4uechu4d7fjt6ndxw.pngI think this little building and pool which had the buoy in the middle looked very good. I hope to return to that place again soon enough once I am allowed to go back there to fish again.

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