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Trivia Lands

Thought I would start a discussion on Trivia Lands because I am wondering if it would be a good idea to have the Trivia lands listed on this website? I notice that when I click Trivia Hunt lands on the Goldtokens website the locations don't show up for me. Having said that I have got one Trivia ball set up at my shop at Business park which you might hear shouting questions from time to time. Feel free to post below other lands that have Trivia balls aswell if you like. My shop is located near the goldhunt hut and you will often here the trivia questions if you are around.

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  • Thank you robots for letting me know \ smile / wili-fixit.

    It now works the trivia lands are listed at:


    Your trivia ball is quite popular in Business Park... I hear people shouting answers all the time ^-^

    Thank you for running it.

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    • awww you're welcome wili. Thought I would bring Trivia up. I used to enjoy going to the different lands myself to try and answer the questions. I saw the ball on marketplace and since I enjoyed Trivia myself. I thought others might too. Glad to hear the lands are listed again. Thanks very much :D

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