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Business Park is richer for +1 PRO Estate Manager!

We have gained 1X Kasabian Constantine. A veteran expert in all things Second Life Lands related!

His has 12 years 5 months; 4547 days experience in Second Life. That is BIG! \⊙͜o/

If you manage to rent something in Business Park & you need rez group кαѕα ωчℓιє ℳℴ ℴ η ℭonѕтanтιne (kasabian.constantine) is your man!

I think we are currently all sold out on rentals but Mr. Kas is going to start keeping a WAITING LIST - so your way to rent something in BP is through Mr. Kas! \⊙͜o/

Be nice to him as he can get you a prime location in Business Park.

A home sim of Virtual World Trade & Business Center!

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