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SL Parcel Radio Network - FxLx RADIO - JOIN US bulding largest Second Life RADIO to benefit SL growth

Second Life Parcel Radio Network in cooperation with FxLx RADIO is a project to help Second Life content creators and growing virtual businesses to be heard and promoted in within SL radio.

In cooperation with (FxLx RADIO station by fangxili xue) we are all setting FxLx radio on our parcels for many to hear and help grow Second Life. \⊙͜o/

If you want to participate simply set your parcel radio to (in edit parcel/settings -> Sound tab):

IM fangxili xue & let her know to be added on a special list! You can even get your own audio ad on that radio.

In future the listeners will be able to claim rewards and sponsored freebies (from high quality SL content creators) by just listening to this Second Life centric radio station! ^^

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