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My 2 year Journey to #2

I debated posting this rescued blog from 2018. It's a personal story but it also has a message of hope and some good strategies for fishers looking to move up in rank.


In the middle of 2016, I hit maximum frustration with Second Life. My premium accounts were expiring and I didn't have the SL funds to renew. With everything moving to mesh, no one was buying my low prim buildings anymore and trying to convert to a mesh product line was turning out to be time consuming and expensive. I was seriously considering leaving SL.

I had been fishing for a number of years and I heard talk about how rank bonus jumps up dramatically for the top 10 fishers. Could I successfully move up to the top ranks and would doing so allow me to regain momentum as well as the enthusiasm for SL I had lost??

To make the journey, I needed to walk out the door that was holding me back. Every linden I made fishing would need to be spent on worms and supplies. There was no room in the budget for anything else. So I got rid of my land, canceled my premium accounts, closed my rental shops and removed all my products from the SL Marketplace. It was painful.

Then on August 26th, 2016 I took a snapshot of the Fish Hunt Overall Rankings to log the beginning of my journey.

08/26/2016 Rank #18 Experience – 5,663,483 Total Earnings – 300,285 L$

And on August 18th, 2018, 723 days later, I hit my goal.

08/18/2018 Rank #2 Experience – 13,668,963 Total Earnings – 478,664 L$

To put that in perspective, that's a total of 8,005,480xp or 11,072xp average per day. And a total of 178,379 L$ or 246 L$ average per day. And I obviously didn't fish every day for 2 years! But the overall averages are interesting and I did learn some things along the way.

Never pass someone without the resources to hold the lead. I learned this one early. Worked hard on a Double XP weekend to pass someone. Used everything I had. Felt good. Went to bed happy. Logged in the following morning and found myself further behind than when I started! Took me three more weeks before I could re-catch and pass them.

Use the ATM wisely. I ran out of funds and worms going into a Double XP weekend. Went to the ATM and every bad sign was there. Crowded sim, horrible lag. But I tried to cash out anyway and got an ATM failure. I got refunded the 500 L$ to my LGH account, but problem was that the ATM assumed it had paid me already for the day and I needed to wait 24 hours to try another withdrawal. Missing out on a weekend Double XP is no joy. Shortly after that incident I wrote my Avoiding ATM Failures blog.

50% of total XP comes from Double XP weekends. What more can I say? Fish them always and fish them fast!

Don't fish multiples during Double XP. Not only do they slow you down but frankly most of the time you tend to catch smaller fish multiplied. At 1x you get a nice blend of small, medium and large value fish. Not so much at a 2x or 3x buoy.

Get a shark rod if you plan on assaulting the top 10 ladder. Don't settle for just a magic rod. The extended feature allowing you to save Alacrity and/or XP Elixir for later use is strategic for helping you when closing in on a fisher. I would save all my XP Elixir until I passed someone and then piled it on to secure the lead.

Red shubbies are awesome! When casting neck-to-neck with someone using a shark with a green shubbie, the 5xp and 15% increase in casting speed is enough to stay ahead or force them to use a more expensive worm just to stay even.

De-cluttering works. Not really a fishing-related tip but the last 2 years made me realize that most of my frustration with SL was the clutter I created. Owning land, renting shops, selling, updating and maintaining product inventory and then beating myself up when I couldn't make enough linden to support it all! Tossing it all aside and setting my home to an info-hub turned out to be a liberating experience. While I plan on bringing some of that clutter back, I will do so with a fresh perspective.

I had a successful journey and I even managed to provide a couple helpful community blogs along the way. But most important I had fun and the enthusiasm is back! I'm starting my twelfth year in Second Life with momentum I thought I had lost. And it feels wonderful!!


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