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Blast from the past!

So was searching through cached pages of old goldtokens blogs to see what I can transfer over to here and came across a blog from 3 month old n00b me.


Can say I still feel the same way about fish hunt all these years later!


Fishing Addiction Obsession or Passion

Posted by KevDee in Fish Hunt - July 26, 2016, 7:30 pm

So I started fishing roughly 3 months ago, I hadn't been on second life very long but I had explored a bunch and spent a lot of time listening to tunes and dancing at venues until one day a friend took me to Business park and introduced me to fishing. Suddenly my second life changed, for the better? I believe so.

It wasn't long before I decided to upgrade my rod for a little extra XP boost per cast and having some L$ floating in my account I skipped up to a deluxe rod, opting for a custom one for the looks, coz well, who doesn't like having aesthetics within second life. So off i went with my new rod watching my XP grow more. At this stage I didn't notice much profit but I was not worried about that because I was having fun.

Then I heard about fishing pets, Shubbies and my babygirl got a blue one, oh my gosh are they adorable and I couldn't stop clicking it to make it say "Hello" in that adorable little voice. I was giggling every time and even now I still love it. So I saved up some L$ and went on the hunt for a cheaper one than the cost in MP, I eventually found a green Shubbie for quite cheap and bought it up and Miss Chief was born. Then I found outfits and accessories to suit Miss Chief and went about editing and adapting to make her aesthetically pleasing to me, Now I had a companion to gain me more XP and help cast times. One happy fisherman.

Then having read more about higher XP leading to better profits I invested in some tasty worms over the small worms to get that XP up quicker, wasn't long I hit into the top 1000 and I noticed my returns had increased, not a great deal but hey, I wasn't in this for a get rich scheme but rather to have fun and maybe make a little L$ while doing it.

Suddenly I found myself watching my all time rank where previously this wasn't of any real interest, watching my rank get better and better and fast. During which I had always entered the Royal events but not really cared too much about rank and just figured a little extra L$ each week was a bonus. Though now I was even watching that ranking. Soon I found my all time rank in the 500's and noticed not only was I watching all time and royal ranks but also the monthly as well. While I am not competitive I did find enjoyment in achieving decent rankings, I am still having fun.

Learning more and more as time goes on and still loving fishing as much as the day I started, it's all I do on second life. Fish a bouy until spooked then click the next location button on HUD and teleport to fish again. Though little frustrating the HUD next location tends to bring up the same 5 places over and over again when there is so many other lands, once in a while I'll find a new place to enjoy.

So I wake in the morning, put kettle on, go for a smoke, come back to make a coffee and log on second life to fish away... the entire day.

Am I Addicted? or is it an Obsession? or has it just become a Passion?

Whichever it is, it's FUN!

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  • Perhaps I am confusing you with someone else but I seem to recall you had a bear avatar for awhile in the early days.


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    • Perhaps I am confusing you with someone else but I seem to recall you had a bear avatar for awhile in the early days.


      Yes that was me, had a giant panda AV back in the early days, was using that for ages until I got sick of not fitting through doors.

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