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The cheating culture

Why do people cheat? what motivates them? what leads them to do such things? why would one not want to actually achieve on merit?

If someone cheated you, would you mention it?
If someone cheated another, would you mention it?
Yet would you cheat someone else?

Is it integrity? is it ethics? morals?
They know it's wrong, yet chose to do it?
They know it's wrong but choose to hurt others?

We all consider immoral behaviour yet, most of us do not do it, why do others?
We know, even if subconscious, being unethical, immoral, dishonest, lacking integrity it ruins our happiness... So why chose to ruin your happiness? and others?

Can you change? yes
Can you undo the trust you broke or the damage done? No

By joining LGH you automatically signed an agreement to be honest and follow the code of conduct of the Terms of service, so why cheat?
Would you do same if you signed the same agreement for an employer?
What changes the level of stealing to make it acceptable?

You see cheats or know of cheats, so you do it too?
Cheats always group together?

Are we so disconnected when we view lindens from others?
Versus lindens we gain?

If we overpaid you 9L would you return it?
If we underpaid you 1L would you kick up a fuss?







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  • Nelonis was overpaid by the ATM one time he returned it to Wili  .. ,

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    • i used to cheat when playing sims games years ago and it taught me that by cheating it kills the fun out of the game. I used to use money cheats on sims and cheat on other games years ago but when I did I regretted it everytime. I used to be really rich on sims when I would cheat but then it killed the grind and the purpose of playing the game. So now I hate cheats because I know that by cheating it kills fun for not only yourself but it can hurt others aswell. I believe people cheat because they may find it hard to play the game or earn on some games so they cheat because it is easy to do so. Though cheating is not good because what makes games fun is when they are challenging and have that grind to earn and collect things properly.

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