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Before anything else I became a humanist

When I was just a very small kid I was really annoyed by commercials for washing powder on TV. When we are little kids our world is very simple so I wanted to DESTROY the entity who put this sh*t on TV and spoil my world of excitement & fun from TV content. I grew hatred to commercials. But at the same time as a small kid I loved the commercials for toys. \⊙͜o/

As I was growing I became curios about what is the meaning of it. At that time I had lots of WHYs to the world. Why this, why that, why not different.. why why why why... I was annoying little curios kid with overactive mind yellundecided. Must have been especially annoying to my father who was not really into science of things or wanting to explain things on a deeper level or about politicians on TV saying some things. I left my father alone and found out I can get better answer from the BOOKs. 

At 14 - 15 I was interested in psychology and at that time my local library had mostly only just humanistic psychology books from Erich Fromm. So I became a HUMANIST before everything else. Hanging with Erich Fromm through his books I was under influence of Fromm's neo-Freudian humanistic psychonalysis. I embarked on a path of self realization and self actualization.

Self-actualization refers to the achievement of one's potential while self-realization refers to the achievement of one's personality. Self-realization traces its roots to eastern philosophy and thought and has found its way to the western world as a psychological concept but still retains its spiritual aspect.

Humanism is a philosophical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively.


Even before I became a member of society I understood that society is somewhat ill, unhappy and on the wrong course with miss-directed morals and values. I never could accept the world and other people as they are. I always saw everything and everyone how they could be better. This was always very frustrating for me and pushes me towards action. I wanted to become a psychologist and help people but my writing skills at that time were not up to the standards - I had problems self-expressing.

For Erich Fromm, everybody’s main goal in life is to become stronger, freer, more noble – essentially, the person you were meant to be. This is representative of his humanistic perspective, which was revolutionary for such an important figure in psychology at the time.


As I am reminiscing my strange childhood life I've become aware that I am a humanist before anything else. I value human life. My most innate motivation and drive and what from I get most energy for is to look for ways to advance human life.

I like to make buddies with greatest minds of human society through reading their books. They are the best teachers to learn from. It seems that some of their wise thoughts about the world stuck with me through the years and I feel obligated to work an agent for them. The greatest minds of our society live through us from what they have written down for us.

I always look for ways or things that can have the biggest impact per energy invested. This is also the core philosophy of martial art discipline that I have mastered in and is called Seiryoku-Zenyo - maximum efficient use of energy. I've also mastered myself some in economics and I can say that the same thing is also the core of capitalism (the one that would focus on value of human lifes) - optimal resource allocation. In a world of optimal resource allocation (or at least where everyone is striving towards) the resources end up in hands of the people that can make most of them and with that they positively impact and improve the lives the maximum amount of people. 

We're currently living in times of unprecedented resource miss-allocation. The resources are getting in the hands of the wrong people that aren't making the best out of them and it is not benefiting the overall human population in the world. This will lead to all sorts of economic distortion that will cause all sorts of social unrest and overall a lot of unneeded human suffering all over the world.

OK enough about global economics and big picture on current times and lets get back to advertising.

To achieve things we use tools. Technology and science are tools but so is advertising and propaganda. 

When I revisited my WHY about advertising later it suddenly clicked for me in my head and I got my answer. AD, ADS, ADVERTISING is BIG MONEY! BIG INDUSTRY. It is everything in today's modern world. It is all about motivating human behavior & ADVERTISING is a TOOL. This was I think before Google

My opinion about advertising became neutral because as with the PROPAGANDA it can be used for good or for bad as we know from human history. Same is with TECHNOLOGY. Beside being a humanist I am a big fan of history. I learned a lot about national-socialism, socialism, authoritarianism, fascism and the grave disrespect to human life all those ideologies lead to.

False and dangerous ideologies thrive always most when global resource allocation distortions increase and leads towards dissatisfaction of general population. I am the greatest enemy of any ideology that disrespects human life and increases human suffering.

These days I am turning back to and continue my "research" into psychology of advertising and will be looking for ways to best use my knowledge about it. Advertising can be one of the greatest tools when used for advancement and betterment of human society. Most often it is used for dumbing down of society. 

I've never expected that I will become an entrepreneur, businessman and investor. I started as a humanist and I wanted to become a psychologist. The world of greed is very unnatural for me and is not my world. But the world is as it is and I am merely a player in it. And I am a very different player than most people are used of.

I want to generate a great fortune not to use it just for my own benefit but to use it for benefit of human kind. This is why I dedicated my life to learning anything and everything about becoming a serial entrepreneur in a modern digital world. I also want to help other people who want to grow fortunes and direct them towards general betterment of human life.

I am a humanistic entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs can be potent agents of economic prosperity. But what is less emphasized in many accounts of entrepreneurship is the approach of some entrepreneurs to building enterprises which not merely deliver financial results but also promote the holistic development of the members of the enterprise. This approach can be termed “humanistic entrepreneurship.”

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