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NEW GOALS for 2021

Now when we have all survived 2020. We have set up some very big goals for 2021.


By 2021 we want that the whole of SL is fishing. I don't actually really mean that everyone in SL will be fishing but at least that everyone in SL will know about Fish Hunt, Gold Hunt & its amazing ever growing and expanding community LGH with all the new exciting projects.

We can do it because we are already very big and the law of large numbers is on our side and additional growth will be ever faster. Our goal is to double, triple or quadruple the size of our community.

We are soon launching grid wide news and together with Second Ads - AD NETWORK we want to form a MARKETING / MEDIA EMPIRE to help boost the growth of our brands products & the community.

We also want to support & help to grow other SL (virtual) businesses and for that we have formed a [SL] Business Consortium group where we have already started inviting top virtual business of SL with intention to put our heads together and figure out how we can help each other grow.

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  • Considered doing some sort of promotion, along the lines of premium ads, where a advertisement would show more often on ad boards or such. Then offering something like a 50% discount on the premium ad service to fish hunt owners?

    Not only would the added exposure of having a buoy brining in traffic but also the benefit of a cheaper rate on ad board premium advertising leading to more exposure for a land and what they have to offer outside of fishing.


    Food for thought to also bring exposure and growth to both fish hunt and ad boards. Along with premium advertising for fish hunt owners (well also gold hunt owners too, coz let's not forget them).

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