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Markets are rigged - There is something utterly wrong with banking system & finance markets

This is excerpt from the LGH group chat on Friday 29th of January:

I am just posting my usual end of weekend rant (disclaimer: "I am not a financial advisor" & not giving financial advises - just my opinions)

[06:05] Wili Clip: Job description: Follow the news about and inform people about what is going on - in LGH chat. Like if you were a newsreporter.
[06:05] JonasTemp: Sounds fun
[06:05] ionatastic: Hope there's jumping from windows XD
[06:06] ionatastic: <--- Likes a Good News story..
[06:08] Wili Clip: I join the opinion of Elon Musk. The bankers should not be allowed to bet with something that they don't have and something that does not exist. The rules of the game should be equal for everyone. Make'em pay boys ;)
[06:09] ionatastic: Mhmm..
[06:11] Wili Clip: I started growing a grudge against the bankers since I started studying economics as a student... I studied the way banking system works and I was like that is utterly unfair and set up in a way that those who are in control of the system feed of all the rest...
[06:11] Wili Clip: ...
[06:12] ionatastic: iona thinks Bankers are Universally hated..
[06:12] Wili Clip: and I was like... ok if the world is like that and the people living in this world accept to live like that then I want to become a banker too... But then I learned that ordinary people are not allowed to create a bank... You have to be at least a billionaire to be able to set one up and there is all sorts of regulation that prevents this....
[06:12] Wili Clip: Fast forward 10 years....
[06:13] Wili Clip: Now there is crypto technology that allows every individual to be their own bank.
[06:13] Wili Clip: and the programmers of the world are working on it and its still a baby but in 5 - 10 years the world of finance and banks will be totally different and will be forced to be more fair...
[06:14] Wili Clip: lots of lawyers and bankers will be out of their jobs...
[06:14] Wili Clip: there will be no intermediary between your money transaction when you're sending money or buying something that feeds of it...
[06:17] Wili Clip: ofcourse in technology (as it can be abused) things can always turn to the worse... but we hope it won't. That is why there is cryptography and math... an algorithm set in the system by math and protected by cryptography makes it impossible for some human to change the rules just like bankers are doing when the game turns against them.
[06:18] Wili Clip: Its like in a board game MONOPOLY... as soon as you start winning in the game the MONOPOLY game owner turns over the game board and stops playing :PPPPP
[06:18] ionatastic: hehe
[06:23] LGHMessenger: Sophs materials payment info needed just started a 10X Snuffles Material Multiplier Event!

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[06:23] Cassie75: thank you Sophie
[06:24] boenkerop: .°
[06:25] boenkerop: ;)
[06:26] Wili Clip: The technology is out there... now just the legislators / lawmakers need to modify the laws. This is a slow process. It is giving those who have assets in the old system that is collapsing more than enough time to invest into new system... and it is happening. More and more US corporations are starting to buy bitcoin.
[06:28] Wili Clip: ->>>
[06:28] Wili Clip: haha just reading news
[06:28] Wili Clip: The shorts were liquidated after Elon Musk added "Bitcoin" to his Twitter bio and prices rose by over 15%.
[06:29] emberjayne: sophieeeee
[06:30] Wili Clip: haha https://gyazo.com/c200b79a5d63458d7e0606c50ebb269b
[06:30] boenkerop: Emberrrr
[06:31] Wili Clip: bitcoin can not be shorted in this bull market... the whole world is buying and bitcoin market is not like a stock market... it never closes...

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