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Gen Z is taking over - The world is changing

I just recently became an aware to an amazing fact that is happening.


[07:35] Wili Clip: Gen Z (the population that we jokingly say was born with mobile phones in their hands) are now 35% of whole Earth population. This is a new breed of people they are like NETWORK... like bees... very connected - the whole system of human life is changing. The world is going to become better, fairer... The old will die and new has already been born.
[07:35] Wili Clip: I have faith in our kids!
[07:36] Robotshaz: technology can be a good thing
[07:36] Wili Clip: it always has been and the popular uprisings. The Berlin wall...
[07:36] Robotshaz: and interent info was better

[07:36] Wili Clip: In these days we are going to experience another such event that only the fall of Berlin wall can compare to.
[07:37] Wili Clip: The walls of finances are falling... money is being democratized! Decentralized finance (DEFI) is rising.

[07:37] Wili Clip: within 5 - 15 year money will be fully decentralized
[07:37] Wili Clip: and we will have a fairer society.

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