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My little snuffle collection of 8 that I have out right now

Currently I have got out 8 snuffles which includes 4 white, 2 grey and 2 black snuffles. I did have brown ones too but I decided to put those ones away and focus on breeding these ones for now. I managed to get 2 new white Snuffles earlier on and I hope to breed more of them soon. I have many snuffles that are in my inventory and others that are for sale.

You can check out my collection of snuffles if you are interested in having a look. 


I have decided not to have more than 10 out at once purely because it becomes hard to take care of them all. Even when I have 10 out sometimes.. I end up with some of them starving. I think looking after snuffles is challenging but very fun. You do have to keep an eye on how much the snuffles are holding and how many seeds you have in your tree or stump. Once they run out of holding seeds they will grab more. I make sure to buy around 600 seeds per snuffle so that they have plenty to grab when hungry and those seeds will last normally for 3 days if multiplier is left on x1.

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    • baby snuffles have moved onto new land and they were jumping and moving when i placed them. I think they excited about the new home.

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