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An idea... Will you help?

Ok, so as many know, in LGH chat we use English and beyond simple questions and guidance to our IMs or someone who can help in other native languages, we ask people to use English.


I won't go into the reasons as it's all explained here.


Now there are those who say why not offer other languages, again I point to link above. However, this site and the ability to post a link to this site in LGH chat, offers a VERY good opportunity. So I am hoping all those who have debated the language policy, will take me up on this and come help.


So here it is...


Make help guides for our games in your native language. If it is comprehensive, easy to follow and doesn't contain questionable content. I will add them to the list of links, as well as we can share them in LGH for those who need a guide in their native language. I can also add them to the help center if they are properly constructed and comprehensive. If we get enough I can also design a system to offer non-English guides in a better way, if it is needed.


So get those paws typing!


Will you help?


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  • i speak fluent typo-knees. i can write guides in that language \o/

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