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There is a rise in pudgy fishers

I used to be human most of the time but now I am a pudge alongside other fishers. The pudgy invasion is starting to spread and it won't be long until there are many more pudgy fishers going after the fat fish in the water. Once you turn pudgy... you may find it hard going back to human. The pudgy puffs are addicting and funny. They roll around and can cause sound as they roll and bounce about.

Here are 2 pudgy fishers. Showing me on the right and Em on the left. Together me and Em are catching the fat fish hidden in the water at Fire&ICE Amusement Park. It is never too late to go pudgy and you can become one today by going to the Gacha area of Business park to buy your own pudgy new look. Become a Pudge. Grab the fat fish. Gain lots of Lindens from the fat fish that you catch.

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