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CC TOKENS & BITOFGOLD stablecoin (what is it) - MEETING

[15:21] Wili Clip: -----> CC TOKENS & BITOFGOLD stablecoin (what is it) - MEETING
[15:21] Wili Clip: starting..
[15:23] Wili Clip: CC TOKENS are native crypto token (also known as utility crypto coins/tokens). They're designed with limited supply and in a way they'll grow in price long term.
[15:24] Wili Clip: CC tokens will be used to access all sort of new services and games we develop (outside of SL)
[15:24] Wili Clip: total CC Tokens ever issued will be 10 millions and 6 of these millions will be given out to participants in Crypto Community for free... 3 millions for logging in weekly once a week to claim the weekly AIRDROP
[15:25] Wili Clip: AIRDROPS will be ongoing for next 10 years
[15:25] Wili Clip: but you can only get a significant amount of CC Tokens for free only now when we have less than 1000 people in community... but we'll grow beyond that
[15:26] Wili Clip: CC tokens are traded for USDc which is a stablecoin backed by USD and is 1:1 in value with dollars.
[15:27] Wili Clip: people can always buy or sell their CC TOKENS - they're floating on exchange
[15:27] Wili Clip: 0% trading commission
[15:27] Wili Clip: the current price of CC tokens is currently around 0.1 - 0.2 per CC - Token
[15:27] Wili Clip: but in future it will go beyond that
[15:28] Wili Clip: CC tokens are real crypto tokens which we presented at the last meeting
[15:28] Wili Clip: where we installed ALGORAND mobile wallets and I sent everyone just enough ALGORAND for transactions and sent everyone 1 CC TOKEN. They can be safely kept off the exchange and server.
[15:29] Wili Clip: enough about CC TOKENS ^^
[15:30] Wili Clip: We also have an exchange of ALGORAND & Bitcoins (ETH is coming) and all these crypto can be traded for USDc which as I said can always be redeemed for real USD of equal value.
[15:31] Wili Clip: 1 USDc = 1 USD always
[15:31] Wili Clip: now to BITOFGOLD
[15:32] Wili Clip: BITOFGOLD is our very own stable coin. Its called stable coin because its backed by real value
[15:32] Wili Clip: and real value behind BITOFGOLD is real gold
[15:34] Wili Clip: I dedicated 1 real gold coin (1 OUNCE 31,103 grams of pure gold) to represent 3110 BITOFGOLD'S
[15:35] Wili Clip: on my right you can see the actual gold coin https://gyazo.com/38a6b070cf25bb8d508f515cca457d9f
[15:35] Wili Clip: we nicknamed it "goldy"
[15:36] Wili Clip: This gold coin has been tokenized and the tokens that represent it are bitofgold
[15:36] Wili Clip: 3110 bitofgold
[15:36] Wili Clip: and 1 bitofgold represents 1/100 grams of it
[15:37] Wili Clip: and is currently trading at 0.5857 usdc / bitofgold
[15:37] Wili Clip: the same usdc that are used for cc tokens
[15:38] Wili Clip: so as and if cc token value fluctuates you can sell cc tokens at any time and keep usdc or in an event of big economic crisis that is approaching us you can turn usdc in bitofgold
[15:40] Wili Clip: we all know that the big economic depression is approaching and before that we're suffering inflation as more and more money is being printed to try to divert us away from economic crisis but as history tells one can kick a can down the road only so many times
[15:40] Wili Clip: before the can becomes so heavy that the kicker breaks his foot O.. O
[15:40] Wili Clip: So this is my motivation behind creating a real GOLD backed stablecoin
[15:41] Wili Clip: I've been preparing myself for economic crisis for many years since the last one in 2008 in which they didn't solve the problem but made it worse for in future..
[15:41] Wili Clip: and the best asset class to be in times of crisis is nothing else than gold
[15:42] Wili Clip: any hard assets but most of us can't afford to buy / invest in real estates and even real estates prices in estate bubbles are not safe
[15:43] Wili Clip: I trust in gold and gold has proven historically as safe haven asset that all institutions turn to in time of crisis and distrust in global markets
[15:43] Wili Clip: So before s...t hits the fan I want to get as many people as possible (all over the world) a bit of a golden parachute
[15:44] Wili Clip: with invention of blockchains and asset tokenization
[15:44] Wili Clip: its possible to tokenize gold and sell it globally... The only reason why not everyone can do it is TRUST
[15:45] Wili Clip: people mostly trust big institutions because they are "regulated"
[15:46] Wili Clip: the too big to fail ones and yet we see that in time of crisis the too big to fail institutions do fail and when they fail we can see the ugliness they built their business on - an infestation of corruption
[15:47] Wili Clip: probably from my notices you've seen that I don't keep bankers in high regards...
[15:48] Wili Clip: because I know the nature of their business in and out... I've been studying for years and I don't agree with such a system they've managed set up. In its core its unfair
[15:48] Wili Clip: but its unfair in a way that most people can't see and on outside it looks all fine
[15:50] Wili Clip: With my brother we're starting an investment gold re-sell business.
[15:50] Wili Clip: in RL
[15:50] Wili Clip: in 2015 I was right about bitcoin and had a gut feeling about its price growth potential
[15:50] Wili Clip: an I started buying it when it was 400 USD
[15:51] Wili Clip: I bought small amounts because I wanted to learn how it works and because I knew its going to become important in future
[15:51] Wili Clip: for the real physical gold I had that feeling before the bitcoin was the thing
[15:52] Wili Clip: gold price on global markets is heavily manipulated by big institutions
[15:52] Wili Clip: but on overall gold is always growing in price and is best safety against inflation
[15:53] Wili Clip: and in reality the gold price is not growing... its value stays the same it is the fiat currencies that lose value due to inflation
[15:54] Wili Clip: in last few months gold grew over 2000 USD due to uncertainity from the global pandemic
[15:55] Wili Clip: and then since the vaccines it dropped in price
[15:55] Wili Clip: now its trading at around 1750 usd
[15:55] Wili Clip: more gold falls in price bigger buying opportunity it is
[15:56] Wili Clip: it is said that value of all bitcoins in few years or even sooner will become as big as the value of all gold in the market.
[15:57] Wili Clip: I believe that will happen
[15:57] Wili Clip: and many long term gold investors have been selling some of their gold (and are still doing that) to buy bitcoins
[15:57] Wili Clip: To me it makes sense to hold a bit of both
[15:58] Wili Clip: the problem is that common people like my father for example
[15:58] Wili Clip: they can not afford to invest not in bitcoin and not in gold...
[15:58] Wili Clip: This is why I created CC tokens and bitofgold and bitcoins that are traded in bits so that smaller values can be bought and stacked up through time...
[15:59] Wili Clip: I created it for people like my father is ...
[15:59] Wili Clip: and that is basically majority of people or everyone
[15:59] Wili Clip: To keep everything short...
[16:00] Wili Clip: bitofgold is out there and its for everyone and everyone can get and hold a bit of gold or stack bits per bits and hold a considerable amount of gold
[16:00] Wili Clip: the regulation is coming in crypto industry
[16:00] Wili Clip: lots of things are not known
[16:02] Wili Clip: I just hope its not going to be too expensive to satisfy all regulations that they think up.. But on overall things are going in a way where only the big firms are going to control the market...
[16:02] Wili Clip: but its interesting because the crypto empowers the little guy
[16:03] Wili Clip: and that is against the interests of financial oligarch who run the world.... so there will be a clash of interests and crypto engineers keep trying to be 1 step ahead of regulators and that is why they're creating new types of decentralized exchanges and organizations
[16:05] Wili Clip: took a short video for tik tok ^^
[16:05] Wili Clip: to sum it up...
[16:06] Wili Clip: All the services and products we create in Crypto Community are for the little people. We're trying to educate as many people to learn how to benefit from this new amazing technology.
[16:07] Wili Clip: CC TOKEN will grow in price as more and more people join us and as a community we grow stronger and can benefit more and more people who learn about us and join us
[16:08] Wili Clip: BITOFGOLD is backed by real physical gold while the CC TOKEN is backed by the Crypto Community and the CC TOKEN will become more and more valuable as our community grows.
[16:08] Wili Clip: with that I am finishing what I wanted to say and opening up the Q&A
[16:09] Wili Clip: Questions & Answers time \O.. O/
[16:09] Rexy: Can I hold Goldy please just for a minute?
[16:10] QT π: yeah... what's crypto?
[16:10] Peaches2U Camino: do we have to join another group to be informed of the crypto
[16:10] ღFancy Prideღ: How can I make Lindens with crypto?
[16:10] Wili Clip: hehehe :)
[16:11] Wili Clip: I already squeezed it and called it my precious so much that the plastic casing popped a bit O .. O
[16:11] Peaches2U Camino: hahahahahha
[16:11] Rexy: Nice
[16:11] AnnaBellaRegn: lol
[16:11] Peaches2U Camino: now we really are GOLD hunters :D
[16:12] AnnaBellaRegn: I think Fancy Pride asked a question :)
[16:12] AnnaBellaRegn: that we are peaches
[16:12] Wili Clip: with crypto you make dollars and L$ you can then buy through LL's Lindex exchange.
[16:13] PompeyMike: So, a kind of 2-in-1, with the crypto?
[16:13] Wili Clip: I'll enable withdrawals of USDc with paypal (limited small amounts) and then you'll be able to use paypal to buy L$ if you will want so ^^
[16:13] AnnaBellaRegn: Did you give out ALGORAND mobile wallets at a former meeting?
[16:13] ღFancy Prideღ: sounds good but don't know how to do that
[16:13] QT π: is it available through the coinbase app?
[16:14] Wili Clip: [16:13] AnnaBellaRegn: Did you give out ALGORAND mobile wallets at a former meeting? >>>> The algorand mobile wallet you can get at https://algorandwallet.com/
[16:15] Wili Clip: on last meeting I sent ALGORAND crypto to people on their wallets so that they could activate a new asset CC TOKEN - you have to activate the crypto asset before you can receive it
[16:16] Wili Clip: it only takes 0.201 ALGO which is about 0.34 USD value
[16:17] Wili Clip: I sent that to everyone on the meeting ^^ and after that I sent them CC TOKENS on their new wallet - we showcased that CC TOKENS can really be held of exchange and in future CC TOKENS will be traded on many crypto exchanges
[16:17] Wili Clip: but currently only on our own
[16:18] Kathryn Granville: not everyone at the meeting
[16:18] Peaches2U Camino: i did not get a chance to set up anything yet
[16:18] Kathryn Granville: i did not receive could not get discord to work
[16:19] Peaches2U Camino: i am not able to get discord on my phone or pc
[16:19] Rexy: loveryloves has the notecard of the Algorand mobile wallet meeting
[16:20] Wili Clip: We'll create a tutorial around Algorand wallet
[16:20] ღFancy Prideღ: That would be great. Thank you :)
[16:20] Wili Clip: and its going to be possible to sell few CC Tokens for USDC and then use USDC to buy algorand on our exchange and soon we're going to transition from alpha to BETA and with BETA we'll start processing withdrawals
[16:20] AnnaBellaRegn: I didnt recieve the wallet
[16:21] Wili Clip: to get the wallet to apple store or google play and write in algorand wallet or visit https://algorandwallet.com/
[16:21] Rexy: It's through your phone
[16:21] alabama777: u have play store in your mobile phone?
[16:21] Peaches2U Camino: same here, sl kicked me and i lost all notes from prev meeting
[16:21] AnnaBellaRegn: oh okay
[16:22] AnnaBellaRegn: may I ask what log in do we use on the algorandwallet
[16:23] Wili Clip: for those who don't have a mobile phone to get algorand mobile wallet there is a algorand wallet that works as chrome extension it only works on chrome browser
[16:23] Wili Clip: its name is algosigner
[16:24] Wili Clip: https://www.purestake.com/technology/algosigner/

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