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Meeting LGH Sat 30-10-2021

Ok everyone who is attending the meeting at the location Loverly has been tasked to collect your GT username
Do not also forget to visit http://www.goldtokens.net/meeting so your name is in there after you give your GT username to Loverly
ok now when we're done with the formalities...

lets get to the heart of the meeting

LGH Community is growing very big
and we're getting more and more organized
our LGH community is starting to give birth to smaller more specialized communities

one of those is Crypto Community....
Crypto Community is our community outside of SL for all of our secret projects and innovations that we are not allowed to do in SL

Ok I will now talk about our LGH community
this is for all of our inside SL projects
which most are games and lately we also run a real cyber social experiment wiht our democratic Cyber Kingdom
we have over 460 cyber citizens - registered voters now
and total of 116,272 L$ have been paid to all the voters.

The system works nicely and our voters are cashing out their L$ reward weekly :)
Our cyber kingdom is piling L$ surplus
The cyber Kingdom is connected to all of the LGH games
all of them...

When people buy worms, seeds, materials a small % goes into Cyber Kingdom and that is where our Cyber Kingdom gets the L$ that are paid out to all the voters for voting
now why we reward our voters... because voting takes effort and people otherwise wouldn't vote ^-^

We recently created a package - cyber kingdom that contains new vote boards and the voting wall that you can see on my right.... for other landowners to install ...
We want this Cyber Kingdom to spread all over the SL
If you set up your vote board on many lands you get more votes
Soon I am implementing a commission for landowners in our GOLD vendor
sometimes people who want to vote for their friends or themselves buy some gold
This is not really a bad thing
its by design..
when GOLD is bought the commission goes to the Cyber Kingdom... so there is more for voters rewards
More rewards there are for voters more voters vote... so any gold that is bought by someoen will always be offset by the mass of new voters who get their votes for FREE every week.

A new sign was designed recently that tries to explain our Cyber Democracy (Cyber Kingdom) experiment
we call it DEMOCRACY 3.0

A democracy for the cyber age

We've grown from FEUDALISM 2.0
into DEMOCRACY 3.0
The text bellow voteboards was changed and new version voteboards already have democracy 3.0 on it
so yes our GAME that is also a social experiment is growing nicely
and its fun to vote and be rewarded for it... when you vote with your weekly votes you also get votes for yourself... so if you vote every week your social status and rank in Cyber Kingdom keeps improving
voting activity is rewarded
All those who have a high social status - lots of gold votes already know that once you're high you get more L$ rewarded every week

As some who saw the announcement may know about 2 days I've stepped down as a Cyber King
2 days ago
I've taken the position of Baron rank 1
So why have I stepped down..
Because I am the designer of this system/game/cyber social experiment I've noticed that some people are afraid to become a king or queen because they think everyone thinks that I deserve that position myself and that everyone would be angry if someone took over...
So I've stepped down so that participants can't have this fear
and set up an interim KING
KING Snuffle
Several times it has happened that someone got more votes or about equal amount of votes
I don't buy any GOLD or use any of my GOLD to vote for myself...
it has always been other people voting
if anyone gets more votes or even if they buy them... its fair game... its all part of the cyber social experiment
so now when we have KING Snuffle as our KING
I hope other participants will not be afraid to campaign or do nice things for LGH community to try to get more votes
The Barons have as much power as Queen or King
if they decide to exercise it...
if not and if they don't object to any of King's or Queens decisions it means they agree with it
This is a better way of managing and governing than having to set up meetings and because we're in SL and we're in different timezones trying to get everyone at the same table and have them vote on proposals...
Why we have voting and why we want to grow 1000s of voters, because when you get votes by actual people
this gives you real LEGITIMACY
In medieval times they said that Kings were given authority to rule by god himself, that is why Church put the crown on head of Kings, without the support of church it was hard to be a King...
you can see in the movies ^^
but in democratic cyber kingdom the legitimacy to govern about what we agree to be governed is given by the voters
I've created a Cyber Kingdom voting pack for landowners
When sim or landowner sets up voting they are the local Cyber King (cyber king of the land or sim or several sims together)
I envisioned many Cyber Kingdoms across whole of SL
and then the Cyber Kingdom of LGH is in a role of Kingdom of Kingdoms
or you can call it United Cyber Kingdom
when I manage to program commission in our gold vendor that you can see on my right
we'll set it up for the landowners and when players buy GOLD they'll earn L$ too ^^
We can't expect the cyber kingdom to spread without monies...
we need to align the interests of landowners with the interests of the kingdom as voting is organized on more sims the more voters will join and the whole experiment will keep growing bigger and it will be even more interesting

This game I designed out of passion not with goal to make money from it... But from a curiosity if we can set up a design for a growign cyber kingdom...
so the land owners will get a "commission" for the gold like the fish?
yes like on Sunflower Seeds Exchange vendors

Next topic
our crypto community
the outside of SL project
The membership in that has been growing faster than voters in our cyber kingdom
We have over 720 registered members
can't wait to see 1000

The commission on worms is 20% like it has always been
The fishers are not paying higher taxes for worms than they did before... nothing really changed for other games that are now part of growing Cyber Kingdom

No need to speculate if farming is worthwhile.... We now have farming cost calculator site that take in all variables and farming is worth doing : ) www.goldtokens.net/farming

Cyber Kingdom has not even really started growing and there are passions for revolts :PPPP
growing passions :p
God save the King or Queen - whoever will be :P
Democratically elected Cyber King / Cyber King ofcourse :))

Back to crypto community
We are seeing a growing trend of more and more people logging into GT to participate in airdrops which is stabilizing the price of CC tokens even before I managed to implement the exciting updates as like staking, NFT market for CC tokens and Kingdoms&Empires web based game that will use CC tokens for buying ingame currency
the CC price for now is not growing but its also not falling and here is the reason why
because so many people participate in airdrops
its harder to get larger quantities of CC Tokens for FREE
airdrop is split among so many people and the smart people rather than selling for current low prices HODL the cc tokens
and hoard
the weak hands always sell in wrong time
but that is why they are called weak hands...
those are people who don't have patience and are full of fears or don't believe in long term vision of the project ^^
but there are always strong hands... we wait when weak spirits start giving up and we get their cheap cc tokens ^^
or accumulate cheap cc tokens in small quantities over time
you can see who the strong hands are at the leaderboard http://www.goldtokens.net/leaderboard-cc
on that Leaderboard you can see there is yellow background behind some names
those are all the members of CC Foundation (its going to be a non profit organization) when the CC tokens will have much higher price than today..
CC Foundation controls 3 000 000 CC Tokens
which is 30% of all that will ever exist
so its good to have your name in there with the yellow background... but for that you need to have sufficient amount of cc tokens. top 10% holders of cc tokens
currently its easy as not so many cc tokens were issued yet and you only need 142 CC to be among the top 10% - a member of CC Foundation
that you can get in few weeks if you click every week and claim your CC tokens
you can get extra CC Tokens form airdrop if you earn CRYPTO POINTS
and this is also the reason why so many of you have joined this meeting

Tomorrow when airdrop happens you'll get a bit more cc tokens from it then everyone else who hasn't attend the meeting
1 small update to the trading cc tokens I made that I need to mention
not sure if many noticed yet but now when you buy or sell cc tokens or set for sale or set a buy order it now takes 1 step less
when you did it you got annoying pop up window letting you know it worked... and you had to click ok
that was now eliminated ^^
since yesterday
ok covered the crypto community... the project is growing nicely
and with every week more and more people are involved in it
the price and value of CC tokens will reflect that in time...
with higher price
back to SL projects
and the recent announcement of the role of GOLD in taking game priducts on credit.

Currently you have to pay 30% of the full price to get the remaining 70% of the product on credit
that you pay off with 50% from your game earnings
the new role that GOLD is getting is to serve as a credit score
so instead for 30% down you'll be able to use GOLD to get the products on credit.
The gold can be obtained from games for free
if you have enough gold to use it for credit it means you've been an active player
and the chance you will pay your debt is high...
I love the gold for that role

It is not only used for voting in Cyber Kingdom but now you can also use it to get credits and grow a big farming operation and supply the needed resources to the players
To sue credit for virtual product is an amazing innovation and we're really probably the 1st in human history that are doing that.
yes a sign will need to be created with least possible words to show the concept
and I have plan to create new credit vendors that will take the gold
and you'll be able to get product on credit without down-paying any L$..
so we will have both options?
all 3 options
buying products at full price
buying on credit paying down 30%
buying and giving your gold as proof that you're active player to get credit without any L$ down payment and you pay off products completely with your profits from the games ^^
and that is it... the meeting is completed..... we can have short Q&A

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