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Need space for farms, snuffles and LGH stuff? If so check out Fearless Fishers land!

Currently, there are plots that you can rent out for free here at Fearless Fisher's land. Though be quick if you need a space because they're beginning to fill up fast. There is also a market on the land where you can buy potions and also white powder food for Shubbies. Many potions are for sale at the market so be sure to come down and check out what is for sale. At Fearless Fisher's land there is also trivia and fishing that you can enjoy too. It is also a good spot for collecting snuffle materials and crafting things.

If you come to the land and wish to claim a plot. All you have to do is send me, Romi or Victoria an IM so you can be given the fearless fishers vip group so you gain rezzing permissions. Once you have clicked on which rental plot and bar you wish to take you will then be invited to join the fearless fishers group. There is only so much space available so be fast if you wish to claim a free plot space here at Fearless Fisher's land.




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Sat, Jan 30 2021 7:35:54 PM PST With great great pleasure I am announcing that The Snuffles LAB IS BACK! Snuffles LAB is a bit like POKEMON LAB! Snuffles Lab You can check and find all the possible snuffles skins to breed and as you click on them you can also see if any are for sale. THE SNUFFLEMANIA HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED I fell in ♥ with Snuffles again. They are just so cute!