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  • I have just been reading through that post. I do agree that sometimes you really do have to steal especially since some people do try to click on everything. I have found that if I am too kind and generous when playing goldhunt chances are I may struggle to get anything. So I'm the type of person who likes to gather in clusters for the very reason that if I do get greedy and start clicking too much. I run the risk of missing out because I won't be able to click them all in time. One time I went to one land and I clicked on too many and I lost track of the timers and ended up having a lot of coins taken from me. The post was very interesting to read. Thanks Dayz

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    Snufflemania HAS STARTED! LAB IS BACK
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    Sat, Jan 30 2021 7:35:54 PM PST With great great pleasure I am announcing that The Snuffles LAB IS BACK! Snuffles LAB is a bit like POKEMON LAB! Snuffles Lab You can check and find all the possible snuffles skins to breed and as you click on them you can also see if any are for sale. THE SNUFFLEMANIA HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED I fell in ♥ with Snuffles again. They are just so cute!