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(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190412091614/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/HINTS_AND_TIPS)

If you are at buoy A, and do not cast the allowed casts at that buoy before leaving to fish at another buoy, you will automatically be "spooked" at the first buoy and will not be able to fish there for 24 hours.

Free to pro rod 41 casts, deluxe 45, magic & shark 51 but 15-18 casts at x10 for all rods, wriggles count as casts on all rods except magic and shark - results may vary slightly due to SL being SL.

10x multiplier events allow 15-18 casts per fisher, regardless of what rod they use.

XP determines how much profit you make. The higher your over-all XP, the better your odds of catching higher value fish more often.

Rank determines your standings within the fishing community - the only factor it contributes to your earnings is the rank bonuses. there are two bonuses added: it's all-time and monthly. The rank bonuses only applies if you are using a Pro rod or better.

Rank can be lost. For example; if you start fishing less than those in ranks around you they could pass you. XP can not be lost in this manner .

Upgrading rods can only be done from same rod type to same rod type. Foe example; from a Deluxe rod to a Deluxe rod Extended version. To get an updated rod at the discounted rate, you must submit a ticket request at our helpdesk requesting it. The upgrade cost is the difference between the cost of the two rods.

Transferring your rod to another avatar will break the scripts in your rod and cannot be fixed.

You can switch which worms you use from the menu of your extended rod. for none extended rods highest worms will be used frist. 

You can view your fishing lottery catches by touching the big stone head here.  it's also possible to do with our newest hud( 1.7) then touch the > sign. then login and choose inventory. a page wll open with your resources/materials 

Goldtokens will only guarantee you profit if you are using the small green worms. Being a beginner with low XP and fishing 1x buoys will not affect the guarantee of profit if you average your casts over 100 casts and subtract all lottery worms won from your costs.

Enabling the ability to save local chat logs in your preference window will allow staff to help you much more easily should you have errors or lost items.

Our ATM system of payment is as follows - your fishing earnings go to your fish hunt wallet and are viewable with each cast. You must withdraw those earnings from our fish hunt ATM (green atm) in order to see them in your SL account.

If you get an error while withdrawing from one of our ATM's please don't panic, just ask in the lgh chat after a staff/gamemaster. and they will look into it for you.

The potions and powders won when fishing are a bonus - a gift from the creators - and are not resellable. The exceptions to this policy are the fish you catch.

If you are fishing at a busy sim and are getting many "Oh Dears" results, slow down your casts and listen for the sounds of other fishers casting. Aim your casts for when there is less casting sounds.

It is against Goldtokens policy to ask the hosts of our buoys to fund a depleted buoy or turn a multiplier event on.

It is best to move away from the landing point after tp-ing to a buoy so that others coming in don't land on you and are not obstructed by your avatar.


(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190412091614/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/HINTS_AND_TIPS)

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