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Fishing Multis VS Fishing 1x

fishing multis vs fishing

i am going to give an honest opinion on fishing multis. I am doing so because i have been hearing much of this --->>>

I only fish 2x and over because fishing at 1x is no profit

what that statement really means is

it only pays me little profit and i want /need more money now.

and that's fine. It's true actually. when you are a new fisher - fishing at 1x gives very little profit.. Enough to buy more worms and continue fishing plus a few extra bucks. We are, after all, a community that promotes the values of being a long-term contributing member of our community so it makes sense to reward those who stay at it longer a better profit than those who do not. That's why exp points are so important to gain...to ensure one can achieve that better profit and in so doing, be able to fish all buoys without fear of losing money.

Keep in mind that even fishing a multi event only gains you a slightly higher linden value if you are a new fisher because oops your exp points are still low. and you are limited to how much you can fish as there aren't a lot of multi events.

So in determining goals I suggest evaluating long term commitment to instant, and small...profit.

Our very first number one fisher had a plan. She wanted to gain the very best earning potential as quickly as possible. She saw that many times the multi events were crowded and she lost casts due to lag and so she went only to places where the crowds wouldn't cause this to happen. yesh, 1x. she fished all of them every day ...avoiding the multi events until no 1x were left to fish. every single day. and since multi events double your fish value, not your xp value...she soon was earning xp points faster than us all and so rose through the ranks quickly...and xp gained soon put her so far ahead of us all that none could catch her. and what happened with such a high xp? smiles. her earning potential was fantastic.

so determine your goals wisely and if you want to make a very good profit...choose where to fish wisely as as well. and remember...you don't need to be the number one fisher to gain great profit...you just need to fish a lot., Don't  limit how many buoys you can visit to only multis.

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