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Help Im Lagged Out Short Guide To Help With High Lag

Help I can't move.... I can't see anything... My coin isn't counting down... My rod won't click to cast....


Okay, we've all been to an area we can't do anything. So it's time you all learn how to lower your personal lag meters to help you with hunting and fishing. For best results I am going to do this in a list so I can later on reference number steps in helping people who haven't read this yet.


Lower Your Graphics Settings On Viewer - This is an obvious quick change, or a difficult process for some. Simply go into your viewer and change graphic settings to a lower setting, yes it'll look less quality like, but it's something some people have to give up to get their lag meters down, try it.

Decrease Draw Distance - This can be a simple thing to go along with graphic settings, but some people don't want to lower the looks of environments, just the distance they can see. The minimum distance I have noted is 32 meters, I tend to personally have my settings to 128 meters, but lowering it to minimum distance helps greatly by not letting the viewer rez the rest of the region.

Derendering Other Players Temporarily - This has helped me greatly in high lag areas. Why? Because avatars usually have a much higher complexity that the graphics drivers are trying to compensate to show them along with the environment. Simply setting your viewer to show 'friends only' or setting it to derender all in region temporarily via your settings. You can also use a radar, select those in area near you and right click and temporarily derender them from there. But this will not remove those coming in after you do it. Setting friends only helps wonders. This works best in fishing environments because you won't have to see the other players while fishing unlike hunting.

Jelly Doll Em! - Also now instead of derendering all players around you, you can set a complexity level cap, which will just turn other players into plain colored avatars that are easy to see, but won't cause your computer an overload trying to rez all the items they are wearing. This helps a lot during Gold Hunt events so you can still see other players while hunting so you don't run into them on accident or get blamed for knocking them off coins they were in range to collect.

Fishing Underwater - Some people have tried this, some haven't. It all depends if the buoy has deep enough water or is on the ground at all. But fishing underneath SL terrain water actually lowers your graphics load to anything under the water. So if things are under the water more than above do the opposite. Fishing underwater simply gives you a bit better chances for lag reduction, and I try to do it each time I can.

Less Scripts On Avatar - Less Scripts always will help you. Some lands require script limits, and lower you have on scripts helps you and other players around you. Don't know how many scripts you have on? Right click your avatar and select Script Info, it will tell you how many scripts you have on and how much memory you are taking up on the region currently.

I hope these six things help you reduce your lag! And remember no one likes a lag hog! Have a great day!

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