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1st Snuffles Breeders Meeting


This is the transcript of the 1st Snuffles Breeders Meeting on Feb 5th 2021 provided by XxAnnabelLeexX.
BIG thanks to XxAnnabelLeexX for her contribution! \O.. O/

Watch the 15 sec short video from the meeting

[09:53] Wili Clip: wohoo lots of us came wooo!
[09:53] Wili Clip: \o/
[09:54] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahahaha wili
[09:54] Uh Oh! -Kєv- bites Simi for bumping
[09:54] Wili Clip: \o/
[09:54] Wili Clip: wooo!
[09:54] Uh Oh! Simi bites -Kєv- for bumping
[09:54] Uh Oh! -Kєv- bites Simi for bumping
[09:54] Annabel Lee Lovealot: nomnomnom
[09:54] Robotshaz: what are those
[09:54] Wili Clip shouts: the buoy is up here!!!! Business Park (167,161,98)g
[09:54] Robotshaz: oml kev
[09:54] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahahaha
[09:54] Robotshaz: O_O
[09:54] Wili Clip shouts: It was moved for duration of the meeting come up!!!!!!!! Business Park (167,161,98)
[09:54] Simi: o0
[09:54] Robotshaz: why'd you bring those ;'(
[09:55] Uh Oh! -Kєv- bites Thomas Schneider for bumping
[09:55] Robotshaz: poor babies starved
[09:55] Melody: hiii!
[09:55] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : my body stuck now
[09:55] Wili Clip: The 3 X buoy is on the top floor of central tallest building come up here Business Park (167,161,98)
[09:55] -Kєv-: not starved, they eat souls now
[09:55] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[09:55] Robotshaz: O_O
[09:56] Wili Clip: wooo!
[09:56] Wili Clip: \o/
[09:56] Robotshaz: ok keep them away kev
[09:56] Robotshaz: ;'D
[09:56] Melody: hahaha sorry lag as always
[09:56] Robotshaz: scary
[09:56] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes it is quite a bit laggy in here
[09:57] theme song whispers: Playing...
[09:57] Robotshaz: i can't fish here because i didn't finish last buoy
[09:57] Annabel Lee Lovealot: a dance fish party lol
[09:57] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : why is there fishing here i just rezzed that in
[09:58] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : im laggyyyy
[09:58] Floki1988: robot!
[09:58] Floki1988: hi
[09:58] Robotshaz: hey floki
[09:58] Robotshaz: hows it going
[09:58] Floki1988: we meet again :d
[09:58] Robotshaz: yep
[09:58] Floki1988: not bad do you like my new outfit
[09:58] Robotshaz: ;'D
[09:58] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : floki...cool name. vikings
[09:58] Robotshaz: i just logged in and sorted out my babies
[09:58] Smokie G. kick the stupid orc
[09:59] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i think i may crash
[09:59] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[10:00] Wili Clip: you're all going to be on latest tik tok vidoe
[10:00] Robotshaz: oooh very nice
[10:00] Robotshaz: ;'D
[10:00] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : oh cool
[10:00] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : you will have link us to that
[10:00] Ληgεℓøѕiα Magnolia: thank you Storm! :)
[10:00] Robotshaz: make sure to leave the starved snuffles out the video
[10:00] Melody: Elena, it always helps me if i turn avvys on friends only. It sucks because you cant see people that arent in FL but it w helps
[10:00] Robotshaz: might scare people
[10:00] Robotshaz: ;'D
[10:00] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : oih yes i forgot of that
[10:00] Melody: hahaa i am already in tiktok :P well the real mexD not SL me
[10:00] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : thanks
[10:01] Robotshaz: hehehe
[10:01] Cyberstar2: I cant get this thing to work
[10:01] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : welp now im pretty much alone in the room speaking to ghosts hahaha
[10:01] Melody: Same xD
[10:01] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : lol
[10:01] -Kєv-: Hey, educating what a starved snuffle looks like, helps :P
[10:01] Wili Clip: Lets begin ^^
[10:01] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[10:01] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : its all in my head
[10:01] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok
[10:01] Robotshaz: yay
[10:01] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : shh
[10:01] Melody: sadly we cant see the snuffles either :(
[10:02] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes sadly
[10:02] Wili Clip: how many of you here are new to snuffles or just recently started ?
[10:02] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : meee
[10:02] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i am
[10:02] Rebecca: i am new
[10:02] Dragonlord: Me!!!
[10:02] Robotshaz: i am sort of newish
[10:02] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : raises hand
[10:02] Rebecca: very curious about snuffles
[10:02] Floki1988: Im new
[10:02] Robotshaz: still learning bits
[10:02] Floki1988: so new that Ihavent even fed mine yet
[10:02] misstyeyes: just learning not got any .. want to know more
[10:02] Wili Clip: wooo!
[10:02] Wili Clip: \o/
[10:02] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i have mine in burrows still, i'm intimidated lol
[10:02] AzorAhaie: just saw a snuffle 1st time here :P
[10:03] Wili Clip: I'll tell you a short history of a Snuffle as a product
[10:03] Robotshaz: ignore kevs they usually happy and cuter
[10:03] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i clean up poo all day long smh potty training is rough xD
[10:03] Robotshaz: hehehehe
[10:03] Melody: I'm new to snuffles
[10:03] John: sorry going to have to go too much lag, good luck with meeting
[10:03] Wili Clip: My ex business partner came to me with idea that we need to create breedables pets...
[10:03] Wili Clip: I did not like the idea
[10:03] Robotshaz: kevs are warning on what happens if they don't get the food
[10:03] Melody: I did read some about it on the website
[10:03] Wili Clip: but then she started making them and I helped...
[10:04] Wili Clip: my part of code is the one that ties well with Fish Hunt and farming...
[10:04] Wili Clip: so poo, trees, mushies and materials exchanges ^^
[10:04] Robotshaz: : D
[10:04] Wili Clip: Snuffles was released in very bombastic way...
[10:05] Wili Clip: but there was 1 very big flaw that happened because my ex business partner was impatient and released them while I was on vacations in Philippines....
[10:05] Wili Clip: she got the MATH & economics totally wrong
[10:05] Melody: ouch
[10:05] Isa Zeimer is old at Snuffles, came to see what's changed since she stopped
[10:05] Robotshaz: oh dear
[10:05] Wili Clip: and she unknowingly created a PUMP & DUMP... that was very short lived...
[10:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : pump n dump hahah sorry
[10:06] Wili Clip: and then she got discouraged...
[10:06] Wili Clip: yes everyone was able to breed almost all the best snuffles
[10:06] Melody: Elena haha you say what i was thinking xD
[10:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ;)
[10:06] Wili Clip: and it wasn't interesting anymore when everyone had almost all of them ^^
[10:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : makes sense wili
[10:07] Wili Clip: ex business partner left SL and I reformed Snuffles...
[10:07] Robotshaz: people lose interest if games are made too easy i feel
[10:07] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : very very true
[10:07] Melody: yeah theres no challenge anymore then. People like challenges
[10:07] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : exactly
[10:07] Wili Clip: I was almost dumping the project.... but then I looked them in the eyes from up close
[10:07] Wili Clip: and they were just too cute...
[10:07] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : and he cldnt cuz they was too cute i knew it
[10:07] Rebecca smiles
[10:07] Wili Clip: and I saw that more people that I was expecting was still breeding them
[10:08] Wili Clip: So I didn't have a heart to abandon them and I made Snuffles better
[10:08] Wili Clip: much better
[10:08] Robotshaz: i was going to give up with them but the cuteness got me hooked
[10:08] Wili Clip: and they survived for many years without any promotion....
[10:08] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i just want to try and make rare ones nobody has to say i did and maybe just maybe sell some
[10:08] Wili Clip: I changed the breeding partners...
[10:08] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : someone going to clean that poo?
[10:08] Wili Clip: made it much higher to get rare skins and that also makes them more valuable...
[10:09] Wili Clip: I got the MATH & economics right...
[10:09] Robotshaz: yes
[10:09] Wili Clip: Since hack we got them back...
[10:09] Wili Clip: the security hole was in Snuffles
[10:09] Wili Clip: So snuffles product almost destroyed all other products..
[10:10] Wili Clip: Security hole was patched... and all snuffles sites are back
[10:10] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : what do u mean by that exactly
[10:10] Wili Clip: and secure
[10:10] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ohh the hack ok
[10:10] Wili Clip: on snuffles website there was a flawed code that hacker used to create a backdoor to server
[10:10] Robotshaz: so hacker breaked in
[10:10] Robotshaz: and ruined things
[10:10] Wili Clip: we fixed all that... hole is gone all is secured
[10:10] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ㋡
[10:11] Melody: oh damn that sucks. Glad you were able to fix it
[10:11] Wili Clip: and Snuffles are now having a strong comeback
[10:11] Robotshaz: they are
[10:11] Robotshaz: popularity of snuffles is increasing.
[10:11] Wili Clip: Snuffles are very marketable product and we can make them massive success that can turn into lots of L$ earnings for all the breeders...
[10:11] Wili Clip: They are highly marketable because of their poo...
[10:11] Wili Clip: Its funny...
[10:11] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : and who doesnt like a little profit
[10:12] Wili Clip: but because they're poopers that makes them stand out
[10:12] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahah yes all day long plop plop
[10:12] Wili Clip: Another big reason is their feeding cost....
[10:12] Robotshaz: they throw out mushrooms too
[10:12] Wili Clip: Snuffles are cheapest breedables on the grid
[10:12] Melody: poo is used for bio right? for worm farms?
[10:12] Wili Clip: yes poo is ingredient for bio
[10:12] Melody: ok thank you ^^
[10:12] Wili Clip: Snuffles tie in beautifully with Fish Hunt and Farming
[10:12] Robotshaz: materials needed to make white powder for shubbies too
[10:13] Melody: oh sweet
[10:13] Wili Clip: Now we're starting a massive Snuffles marketing campaign
[10:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i think that the poo and other materials you collect from snuffles should be able to be the materials used on the s unflower farms.ms
[10:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : sorry lag
[10:14] Wili Clip: Yes I was experimenting a bit with Sunflower Farm 2.0
[10:14] Wili Clip: its in alpha version and has poo as ingredient
[10:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok great that way whatever we collect from snuffles can be returned into the sunflowers and is more cost efficient. I dont get into the other stuff really.
[10:15] Wili Clip: Somewhere in the middle of the new farm will come out and there will be 2 type of sunflower farms with 2 different possible ingredients..
[10:15] Smokie G.: how many sunflowers are needed per snuffle?
[10:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : 216 per day
[10:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : seeds
[10:15] Wili Clip: 216 seeds
[10:15] Robotshaz: the materials you gather from snuffles can be used in crafting potions that will help with fish hunt
[10:15] Nellie Nemeth: seeds
[10:16] Smokie G.: I mean. howmany sunflowr farms
[10:16] Rebecca: quick question for snuffle newbies...do snuffles eat sunflowers?
[10:16] Wili Clip: At current prices that makes it around 5 L$ per snuffle = aprox 0.02 USD
[10:16] Wili Clip: 2 cents on a dollar per snuffle
[10:16] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes but i dont really do fish hunt i just feel like whatever one u are doing say fish hunt or snuffles...the ingredients u get should be for that specific hobby.
[10:17] Isa Zeimer: all games are linked
[10:17] Wili Clip: its all networked
[10:17] Wili Clip: and that is also core reason for success of all my projects
[10:17] Wili Clip: they're all connected
[10:18] Annabel Lee Lovealot: you can sell the stuff you craft as well, if you can't use it for yourself
[10:18] Wili Clip: Now Snuffles were designed in a brilliant way...
[10:18] Wili Clip: There is a compnent called Scarcity
[10:18] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ya ik
[10:18] Robotshaz: so even if you don't plan on fishing or crafting. by owning snuffles. you could be helping those that do like crafting
[10:18] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : I have a question, you need gold to get the limited edition snuffles, is there other ways to obtain it besides clicking vote sign?
[10:18] Robotshaz: and you can sell materials
[10:18] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ik
[10:18] Annabel Lee Lovealot: watering biowastes Shine
[10:18] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : okay
[10:18] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : Thank you! :)
[10:19] Wili Clip: the crafting gold can be bought on the crafting gold exchange too
[10:19] Annabel Lee Lovealot: or you can buy it, i believe
[10:19] Annabel Lee Lovealot: yesh
[10:19] Wili Clip: or from releasing snuffles or for watering farms from farmers
[10:19] Wili Clip: so 3 ways to get gold
[10:19] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : u cant get gold for limited edition through the snuffles themselves?
[10:19] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : well 2 1/2 lol
[10:19] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : say sending one to a haven
[10:19] Wili Clip: you can - as described above... there are 3 ways to get gold
[10:19] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[10:20] -Kєv-: you also get 25 gold per snuffle rez'd per day
[10:20] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : well im trying to read and keep up lots of talk hahaha
[10:20] Wili Clip: no
[10:20] Wili Clip: only when you release them
[10:20] -Kєv-: and by liberating snuffles you get gold
[10:20] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok cool thanks
[10:20] Spinmaster Voom: I have noticed theres a huge variation ofamount of gold when liberate a snuffle?
[10:20] Wili Clip: only by liberating you get both gold and snuffle point
[10:20] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : mmm so vote signs are updated?
[10:20] Isa Zeimer: may I suggest we listen to Wili and ask questions after
[10:20] Wili Clip: both needed to get to LE snuffle
[10:20] Spinmaster Voom: frm 20 to 500 is my max
[10:20] Wili Clip: higher scarcity snuffles give more gold
[10:21] Wili Clip: as they're also more valuable
[10:21] Spinmaster Voom: ahh ok
[10:21] Robotshaz: oooh
[10:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : gold for birthed snuffles or both birthed and burrowed?
[10:21] Wili Clip: if owners liberate high scarcity snuffles to get gold... that makes their scarcity go even higher...
[10:21] Wili Clip: same market forces apply
[10:21] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : will there be a time when we can mix skin ID to breed?
[10:21] Wili Clip: as like when farmers sometimes their wheat out of protest... when there is oversupply of wheat in the world
[10:21] Wili Clip: AAAHHH!! BURN IT!! SEND IT TO HELL!!!
[10:21] Wili Clip: ...
[10:22] Wili Clip: yesh
[10:22] Wili Clip: urn ^^
[10:22] Wili Clip: urn*
[10:22] Wili Clip: bbb
[10:22] Wili Clip: bb urn*
[10:22] Dragonlord: How do we liberate? I been reading for weeks about snuffles and this is the first time Liberate has been mentioned. How does the new player get all this information without stumbling into it?
[10:22] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i agree dragonlord
[10:22] Wili Clip: you put them in a stump...
[10:22] -Kєv-: help center
[10:22] Rebecca: good question Dragonlord
[10:22] Wili Clip: then click on it and select Liberate
[10:22] -Kєv-: and wiki
[10:22] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : you pick Nellie's brain like I did lol
[10:22] Dragonlord: Why isn't that mentioned anywhere?
[10:23] Isa Zeimer: click the stump to get liberate option
[10:23] Robotshaz: there is also the Snuffles
[10:23] Robotshaz: group
[10:23] Robotshaz: :)
[10:23] Wili Clip: Yes the Snuffle group is your best resource... breeders help each other
[10:23] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : тнanĸ yoυ!
[10:23] Wili Clip: and especially new breeders
[10:23] Robotshaz: if you join snuffles group and have any questions people will help you in that too
[10:23] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : snuffles group is good but, not a lot of ppl know many things. Myself and a lady I met both made a mistake the other day with snuffles so its kind of a learning process.
[10:23] Robotshaz: kev helped me when i first started
[10:23] Dragonlord: You won't have a question if you don't know what to ask....
[10:24] Wili Clip: you all have to understand that the value of all of your snuffles will grow with the increasing number of total breeders
[10:24] Wili Clip: This is how Snuffles were designed and from economic standpoint this is brilliant..
[10:25] Wili Clip: This is why we are starting to have these meetings.... so that we can educate as many breeders... and you all who learn things will pass it forward to the new breeders just joining us...
[10:25] Wili Clip: Snuffles is a team effort... we all benefit when more and more people breed them...
[10:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : is this the very 1st meeting given for snuffles?
[10:25] Wili Clip: very 1st
[10:25] Melody: I'm intrigued to try and as soon as I have the linden for it, I will get the starter pack ^^
[10:25] Wili Clip: I don't think we ever had one...
[10:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : awesome to be here for it
[10:26] Wili Clip: like I said this product lived without being ever marketed...
[10:26] Wili Clip: and that is incredible ^^
[10:26] Rebecca: i'm intrigued too
[10:26] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : so we can breed different skin id's together? I missed it
[10:26] Isa Zeimer: no
[10:26] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : oh but if u dont have any today for attending u get a starter pack
[10:26] misstyeyes: What is a starter pack ?
[10:26] Wili Clip: the way I reformed snuffles was to make it so that generally you can only breed 2 exact skin ids together....
[10:27] -Kєv-: Shine, there are some who will accept a different skin ID partner, not all but some
[10:27] Wili Clip: so all the patterns + the color of eyes need to be the same... and that has been very positive for value of Snuffles on the player market long term
[10:27] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ive made that mistake 2x
[10:27] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : oh I thought just skin hmmm
[10:28] Robotshaz: they need to be a match
[10:28] Wili Clip: there might be very few of those... that might be re--adjusted to make them go in line with all the others...
[10:28] -Kєv-: as Wili said generally same skin, but I found a couple who will breed with different sakin ID
[10:28] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : darn I may have some missmatches then lol
[10:28] Wili Clip: Also the green eyes.... they're the most rare of them all in all skin colors and patterns
[10:28] Robotshaz: that is interesting kev
[10:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i have a green eye yaaaaayyyy
[10:28] Spinmaster Voom: yes I have the same as Kev mentioned
[10:28] Mort: same
[10:28] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : oh cool
[10:29] Spinmaster Voom: in general the same - but theres exceptions
[10:29] Robotshaz: i like brown eyed snuffles and blue eyed
[10:29] Wili Clip: Yes green eyes = very rare
[10:29] Wili Clip: by design
[10:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : two white skinned brown eyes gave me a blue and agreen eye and one with a line on its face for those of you wondering
[10:29] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : another question...if you breed two scarce do you get scarce or is it a crap shoot?
[10:29] Dragonlord: Doesn't sound like they are, half the room has them lmao
[10:30] Wili Clip: yes maybe just 1 exception that kev mnaged to find... he is good in finding needles in haystacks ☺
[10:30] Wili Clip: yes Metcalf.... other color eyed snuffles pairs can also give you green one
[10:31] Wili Clip: when you have 2 scarce and you breed them together you have higher chance of getting another scarce...
[10:31] Wili Clip: more chance then getting them with other colors
[10:31] Wili Clip: that is by design... and makes rare snuffles keep their value on market long term
[10:31] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : okay thank you
[10:32] Wili Clip: Now I haven't managed to announce it yet
[10:32] Wili Clip: is that we will give old Snuffle breeders 2 MONTHS
[10:32] Wili Clip: to breed at least 1 pair of snuffles
[10:32] Wili Clip: within next 2 MONTHS..
[10:33] Wili Clip: and after 2 months we are going to delete accounts and snuffles breeds they have from players who haven't been active for more than last 1 to 2 years
[10:33] Robotshaz: uh oh
[10:33] Wili Clip: This is going to suddenly increase the SCARCITY of your snuffles
[10:33] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : woo
[10:34] Wili Clip: and increase value of your snuffles on the market
[10:34] Robotshaz: i best get working ;'D
[10:34] Isa Zeimer: ha! ...after several years ..bred my first pair yesterday
[10:34] Robotshaz: on every colour
[10:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : how do u get different colored ones? in packs? I just have white
[10:34] Wili Clip: We're doing lots of promotion and marketing so all those people who are still active in our community... they can come back in time..
[10:34] Isa Zeimer: I will get a message to Catriona too
[10:35] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : oh I hope you send out notice of that 2 month breeding
[10:35] Wili Clip: Yes please do
[10:35] Wili Clip: if old time breeders are your friends
[10:35] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : imagine where we will all be in 2 months with bvreeding
[10:35] Wili Clip: please contact them about this
[10:35] Isa Zeimer: I will ..she taught me all i know :)
[10:35] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : yes I was thinking Maja
[10:35] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : telling her now
[10:36] Wili Clip: [10:34] Metcalf22: how do u get different colored ones? in packs? I just have white -> you buy 2 different color starter snuffles and you can start new color.... (their babies)
[10:36] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok
[10:36] Annabel Lee Lovealot: what's the life cycle of snuffles? do they die?
[10:37] Wili Clip: you buy from another player ^^
[10:37] Annabel Lee Lovealot: or am i getting ahead of you here
[10:37] Robotshaz: they can starve
[10:37] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : 2000 i think?
[10:37] Wili Clip: With Snuffles big emphasis is on player 2 player market...
[10:37] Robotshaz: and then they would need reburrowing
[10:37] Melody: and then they become ghosts. I saw that on the site
[10:37] Melody: if they starve
[10:37] Wili Clip: your snuffles never die... you can always recycle them when they go old age
[10:37] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes i had one die accidently, i reburrowed it and it came back to life
[10:37] Annabel Lee Lovealot: gotcha, thank you
[10:37] Wili Clip: it takes some energy..
[10:37] Rebecca: that's good to know
[10:38] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i think it can change the scarcity tho?
[10:38] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i believe mine changed
[10:38] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : not 100% sure on that one
[10:38] Wili Clip: OK lets talk about Scarcity
[10:39] Mort: do we still get gold per 24H leaving snuffles out?
[10:39] Wili Clip: as this is the most important number
[10:39] Robotshaz: i think we do mort
[10:39] Wili Clip: Gold you only get when you release snuffles
[10:39] Robotshaz: cause my gold has shot up quite a bit
[10:39] Wili Clip: = Liberate
[10:39] skunky Core shouts: who stole the buoy
[10:39] Robotshaz: i only liberated 1
[10:39] Annabel Lee Lovealot shouts: itwas meeee come get it :P
[10:39] Wili Clip: robot do you water farms ?
[10:39] Robotshaz: not really
[10:40] Wili Clip: lots of farmers give gold for rewards
[10:40] Robotshaz: my gold has gone up like tons
[10:40] Bite Bumper Mort bites Cassie for bumping
[10:40] Wili Clip: at what time ?
[10:40] -Kєv-: did you remove the getting gold per 24hrs for hatched ones rez'd out?
[10:40] Robotshaz: i don't worry farms that much like
[10:40] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i have a sunflower yall can water...ill set it up today
[10:40] Aʀʊƈaʀd shouts: LOL
[10:41] Wili Clip: what is the amount of gold that increased for you robot?
[10:41] Wili Clip: tons = ?
[10:41] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : okay but if I set my sunflower to give gold, will that take out of my golf reserves?
[10:41] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes
[10:41] Robotshaz: last time i looked
[10:41] Robotshaz: my gold was like 3000
[10:41] Robotshaz: and before i had snuffles i had under 1000 gold
[10:41] Wili Clip: [10:41] ShineOn64: okay but if I set my sunflower to give gold, will that take out of my golf reserves? yes
[10:42] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : Thank you! :)
[10:42] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[10:42] Wili Clip: yesh
[10:42] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i think that was the longest i've seen Wili go without using gestures xD
[10:42] Robotshaz: yes wili i got Crafting GOLD: 3,002
[10:42] Wili Clip: did you liberate low % scarcity one ?
[10:42] Robotshaz: that is loads that is
[10:42] Robotshaz: compared to what i had before
[10:43] Dragonlord: I was gonna say, I don't get gold for watering anymore, not since
[10:43] Robotshaz: i did yes wili
[10:43] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i got gold today for watering some biowaste
[10:43] Robotshaz: a common one
[10:43] Robotshaz: brown one got liberated
[10:43] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : lindens the other day for some sunflowers
[10:43] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : depends on how its set up
[10:44] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i use gold rewards for my biowastes
[10:44] Wili Clip: yes it depends on what farmer sets as reward
[10:44] Wili Clip: L$ or crafting gold
[10:44] Dragonlord: lm plz lol
[10:44] Robotshaz: i set rewards on my composters too
[10:44] Annabel Lee Lovealot: haha
[10:44] Dragonlord: LM or IM the LM lol
[10:44] Robotshaz: because my gold going up loads
[10:44] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : we should all set to a payment and help each other with watering
[10:44] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : in my opinion
[10:44] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i always set up a reward of some kind for my farms, unless i mis-click
[10:44] Mort: I tip the waters was my solution
[10:45] Annabel Lee Lovealot: and start instead of set reward
[10:45] Robotshaz: depends how many composters you have
[10:45] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : oh that's another question, can you only buy water?
[10:45] Robotshaz: i only have 3 so i can afford to set rewards
[10:45] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : no u can buy all the ingredients for a farm if thats what youre asking
[10:45] Wili Clip: ok So lets get back to SCARCITY
[10:46] Wili Clip: Does everyone know what SCARCITY % means?
[10:46] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes
[10:46] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i do
[10:46] Robotshaz: means like rarity
[10:46] Annabel Lee Lovealot: refers to how many other snuffles with similar traits are on the grid?
[10:46] Smokie G. nodsnods
[10:46] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : yes how many of those kind out there
[10:46] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : % of ppl who have bred it or rarity
[10:46] Wili Clip: is higher number % better than lower ? For example % vs 5 %?
[10:46] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : lower the better
[10:46] Robotshaz: 5% better
[10:46] Robotshaz: than like a 80%
[10:46] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : lower is better
[10:47] Robotshaz: less people will have those low scarcitys
[10:47] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : oh also DO NOT breed with unavailable mode on you will NOT get your snuffle
[10:47] Annabel Lee Lovealot: good to know
[10:47] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : yes
[10:47] Wili Clip: so yes if you have snuffle 1 % scarcity means that you are among TOP % breeders
[10:48] Wili Clip: top of the top
[10:48] Wili Clip: % means top %..
[10:48] Wili Clip: Does anyone know if % scarcity changes with snuffles ?
[10:49] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : it does
[10:49] Mort: nope
[10:49] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : depending on time and amount of active breeders
[10:49] Annabel Lee Lovealot: would think it'd fluctuate depending on how many snuffles are on the grid...
[10:49] Wili Clip: what makes it change for specific snuffle ?
[10:49] Wili Clip: Correct answer is it does...
[10:49] Smokie G.: when there is lesss of that type
[10:49] Mort: skins and eyes
[10:49] Mort: tail makes it go way up
[10:50] Strawberry Davenport: should change scarcity if another of the same type is born or liberated
[10:50] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : more ppl who join breeding after us will cause our scarcity to go up along with time and traits
[10:50] Wili Clip: ok so what would for example make the scarcity % of all the snuffles go towards better (lower) number ?
[10:50] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ^
[10:50] Wili Clip: I'll shout so that my text questions are boldened ^^
[10:50] Mort: more people less snuffles of it
[10:50] Wili Clip: ->
[10:50] Wili Clip shouts: ok so what would for example make the scarcity % of all the snuffles go towards better (lower) number ?
[10:50] Robotshaz: i think if many people breed the same snuffle. value may drop
[10:50] Strawberry Davenport: when a snuffle is liberated
[10:50] Robotshaz: as it becomes more common
[10:51] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i just answered that hahah
[10:51] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : [10:50] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ (metcalf22): more ppl who join breeding after us will cause our scarcity to go up along with time and traits
[10:51] Wili Clip shouts: correct Metvalf but let me futher clairfy
[10:52] Wili Clip: the more new breeders come in system scarcity of your snuffle increases to less % because the new breeders don't have the snuffles yet...
[10:52] Wili Clip shouts: the more new breeders come in system scarcity of your snuffle increases to less % because the new breeders don't have the snuffles yet...
[10:52] Robotshaz: value of snuffles will drop if many start breeding the same ones and selling the same ones
[10:53] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : true
[10:53] Wili Clip: so when 10 new people join to breed snuffles your 40 % snuffle can go to 25%
[10:53] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : well dang my 4 will go to 1
[10:54] Wili Clip shouts: So is the fact that new people are joining to breed snuffles GOOD or BAD for your snuffles SCARCITY?
[10:54] Robotshaz: bad
[10:54] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : cant it be both
[10:54] Robotshaz: hehehehe
[10:54] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : depending on what is bred
[10:54] Wili Clip shouts: no it is always GOOD
[10:54] Cassie: hehe
[10:54] Smokie G.: issa GOOOOD
[10:54] Strawberry Davenport: ahh so if kingsnuffle goes viral, scarcity improves for old snufflers
[10:54] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : good unless they breed the scarce ones lol
[10:54] Wili Clip: it is only bad if the number of new breeders is not growing...
[10:54] Robotshaz: true
[10:55] Robotshaz: that is bad also
[10:55] Robotshaz: more snuffles will mean more places to collect mats from too ^-^
[10:55] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : so it also is about who bred that scarced item before. not necessarily 1st but, before new breeders?
[10:56] Dragonlord: Doesn't everyone already have the snuffles from the starter pack?
[10:56] Robotshaz: well more people doing snuffles would mean snuffles will get more common and less rare i should think
[10:56] Dragonlord: Don't see how value of those is going to increase
[10:56] Melody: So those that aren't breeding yet, should start asap to help excisting breeders with lowering the %
[10:57] Robotshaz: be more people getting their hands on the good snuffles too ;'D
[10:57] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : dont sell ur rares hahahah
[10:57] Smokie G.: I don't has snuffles. I just cares for them
[10:57] Wili Clip: starter pack includes basic starter skins not the more valuable..
[10:57] Wili Clip: ones
[10:57] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : I find it best to buy in pairs...male and female
[10:57] Robotshaz: wili white ones are selling pretty well at the moment
[10:57] Robotshaz: malkovia started with white
[10:58] Dragonlord: Right, that was my point. Their value isnt going to increase
[10:58] Robotshaz: and the white snuffles the prices to get some of them
[10:58] Robotshaz: i feel like double edged sword
[10:58] Wili Clip: the fastest way to get more scarce snuffles is to buy from another player
[10:58] Robotshaz: there will be a demand
[10:58] Wili Clip: currently sales of snuffles are skyrocketing
[10:58] Robotshaz: for even the basic ones
[10:58] Wili Clip: because the snuffles set for sale ae underpriced
[10:59] Wili Clip: for the growth in new breeders we have
[10:59] Dragonlord: I don't see how new breeders can make money here
[10:59] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : and why do you not sell your snuffles Wili?
[10:59] Wili Clip shouts: Smart breeders are buying all the cheap snuffles from the snuffle MARKET to hold and they will be selling later at much higher price
[10:59] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : iu would just suggest not to sell rares and give people the chance to get their hands on the scare snuffles making it harder for them to breed the scares ones...then again it makes our scarcity go up if they do? so scarcity up but the value for selling down?
[10:59] Robotshaz: i buy the cheap ones to try and get patterned faced ones
[11:00] Dragonlord: New breeders are going to help established breeders sure, but unless a new breeder gets incredibly lucky... they're just lining someone elses pockets
[11:00] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : guess i got lucky with a few of mine:/
[11:01] Wili Clip shouts: all the breeders make money by breeding starter snuffles together and get the ones with patterns... you can further breed ones with patterns or sell them... the only way to get to snuffles who are more valuable is to breed them ^^
[11:01] Wili Clip: or if you see rare skin is set for sale for too cheap on market you buy it
[11:01] Wili Clip: there were some with value 250 L$ and someone was selling them for 20 L$...
[11:01] Wili Clip: that is a taker...
[11:01] Dragonlord: I woiuldn't know
[11:02] Dragonlord: wouldn't know
[11:02] Isa Zeimer: use the snuffle lab ..find the rare you want to have and work backwards for the parents ...then you get a 'never seen before' snuffle ...then you will make money
[11:03] Wili Clip shouts: I banned myself from selling my snuffles
[11:03] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : lol
[11:03] Wili Clip shouts: My snuffles are out there only for promotional purpose
[11:04] Wili Clip: We are going to grow thousands of breeders...
[11:04] Wili Clip: is just starting....
[11:04] Robotshaz: yes indeed
[11:04] Robotshaz: it is a very good game
[11:04] Robotshaz: i am spending a lot of time looking after them
[11:04] Strawberry Davenport: makes sense, he doesn't want to interfere with the natural economy of the snuffle breeders
[11:05] Wili Clip: I am not sure does anyoen remember how sion chickens in past took over all of SL?
[11:05] Wili Clip shouts: Everyone was writing about them
[11:05] Wili Clip shouts: that was many many years ago
[11:05] Isa Zeimer: .....and get many good old breeders back too ..which will make great competition again too
[11:05] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : no clue about these chickens
[11:05] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : another thing I found out when you buy a snuffle it comes out of your lgh acct not your L's
[11:05] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : good to know
[11:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : shine
[11:06] Robotshaz: i really like that
[11:06] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : and you can buy out of your stump if you know the ID number
[11:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : but it can come from lindens too if we dont have enough?
[11:06] Robotshaz: cause nice to buy snuffle after fishing
[11:06] Strawberry Davenport: yes, you can use the landownr's atm if you need to deposit money for snuffles
[11:06] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok
[11:06] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : I had to put lindens in my lgh acct
[11:06] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : I had bought so many snuffles lol
[11:06] Robotshaz: i couldn't do that
[11:06] Wili Clip: Very big boost for everyones snuffle stock value will be the deletion of inactive accounts in 2 months
[11:06] Wili Clip shouts: Very big boost for everyones snuffle stock value will be the deletion of inactive accounts in 2 months
[11:07] Robotshaz: i do worry however wili
[11:07] Robotshaz: what if old accounts come back
[11:07] Robotshaz: and their stuff all gone
[11:07] Robotshaz: they be fuming
[11:07] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : that is true cause some people keep old burrows to rebirth later...would they still have those to return to?
[11:08] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: how to maintain lgh account active?
[11:08] Robotshaz: some people may of taken break froms econdlife too
[11:08] Wili Clip shouts: That is why we are giving them 2 months and only 1 - 2 years old accounts will be deleted
[11:09] Robotshaz: oooh so you're being selective with the deletion of the accounts
[11:09] Wili Clip: to keep active all you need to do is breed 1 pair of snuffle...
[11:09] Strawberry Davenport: should also use the premise if they haven't contacted a gm for experience to be restored
[11:09] Wili Clip shouts: to keep account active all you need to do is breed 1 pair of snuffle...
[11:09] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i have a question
[11:10] Melody: Will they be informed about that? Through e-mail or something? So they know they have 2 months to breed
[11:10] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : so i sometimes take breaks from sl...this last time was 2 years. is there anyway that if we notify you that we will be taking a break that you can note that knowing we will return and save accounts?
[11:10] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: i just fish ..
[11:10] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : yes is this just pertaining to snuffles or all lgh?
[11:10] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: just fished only since 2014
[11:11] Robotshaz: so will my snuffles get deleted if i fail to breed them
[11:11] 亗· Ⓠцεεηⓚiţťŷ Ⓐşhεs Ⓟhεøηiメ ·亗: so my sl partner needs to have a pair? out?
[11:11] Wili Clip shouts: is a great way to breed your snuffles for FREE as all you need to feed your snuffles you get from your fishing and when you get rare skin to sell you get back multiple of fished value.
[11:11] Wili Clip shouts: This is for those that can not afford to participate on snuffles market
[11:11] Robotshaz: sometimes fishing ain't enough tho wili
[11:11] Robotshaz: they get greedy
[11:12] Robotshaz: my snuffles they fatties
[11:12] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[11:12] Wili Clip shouts: Then
[11:12] Robotshaz: they left me with 4L
[11:12] Robotshaz: not even joking
[11:12] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : all of our fluffer butts are fatties at 216 seeds a day hahaha
[11:12] Robotshaz: XD
[11:12] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: idk anything about snuffles lol i just fish dont delete my account lol
[11:12] Dragonlord: To sell: Shout out in Snuffles group?
[11:12] Wili Clip: ufff did anyone make transcript of the meeting so that we could post online for others to read who couldn't attend ?
[11:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : newp
[11:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : someone cld copy paste
[11:13] Robotshaz: you can bring up past transcript
[11:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : mhmm
[11:13] Robotshaz: theres a button
[11:13] Robotshaz: 19 pages
[11:13] Robotshaz: of nearby chat
[11:13] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : as long as u dont log out or crash since its in nearby chat
[11:14] Wili Clip: I can't my local chat is full of debug messages from all of my system...
[11:14] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : someone who wasn't fishing
[11:14] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i can c/p stuff for you if you need
[11:14] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i was just chillin xD
[11:14] Wili Clip: would be someone willing to create one ?
[11:14] Annabel Lee Lovealot: yesh
[11:14] Wili Clip: wooo!
[11:14] Wili Clip: \o/
[11:14] Wili Clip: next time we'll do meeting in LGH
[11:14] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : that will be one snuffle please hahahah jk
[11:15] Wili Clip: wooo!
[11:15] Wili Clip: \o/
[11:15] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: so.. if i just fish like i always have what will happen to my account?
[11:15] Wili Clip: ok so 1 more thing
[11:15] Annabel Lee Lovealot: yesh
[11:15] Annabel Lee Lovealot: haha pay me in snuffles xD
[11:15] Wili Clip shouts: very important thing
[11:15] Wili Clip shouts: never say anything bad about your snuffles
[11:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : if you dont have a snuffle account it cant be deleted right?
[11:15] Robotshaz: but but
[11:15] Robotshaz: they fatties
[11:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : my snuffle poos a lot
[11:15] Smokie G.: OOOOOOO
[11:15] Wili Clip shouts: always promote them
[11:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : and he gets high on magic mushrooms
[11:15] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : so bad
[11:15] Robotshaz: i jumped on a snuffle head earlier
[11:16] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahahah
[11:16] Wili Clip shouts: you want the value of your snuffles to grow right?
[11:16] Annabel Lee Lovealot: yesh
[11:16] Wili Clip shouts: love them and cuddle them and make other people do that to them too
[11:16] Wili Clip shouts: Snuffles are too cute!
[11:16] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : are they holdable?
[11:16] Smokie G.: I drinks teas ws dem and gives dem cookies
[11:17] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : like can i carry my snuffle with me and it stays feeding and pooing?
[11:17] 亗· Ⓠцεεηⓚiţťŷ Ⓐşhεs Ⓟhεøηiメ ·亗: the life pet option is that disabled?
[11:17] Wili Clip: they're not holdable but you can do with them what I did with KING Snuffle
[11:17] Robotshaz: i took my fatties for walk
[11:17] Robotshaz: made them line up outside atm
[11:17] Aʀʊƈaʀd: Wili: if ppl dont have snuffles will their account be deleted?
[11:17] DFS Hud V3.1.8: Ready!
[11:17] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i dont think so aru to have a sunffles account u need snuffles
[11:17] Wili Clip shouts: Snuffles are like our children
[11:17] Smokie G. pouts. I don't has snuffies
[11:18] Aʀʊƈaʀd: lgh account
[11:18] Wili Clip shouts: We can sometimes get frustrated over them or they do something wrong and we're angry. But never let this anger consume you... we're doing this for them
[11:18] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i said sunffles hahaha
[11:18] Wili Clip shouts: in case of snuffles... we all want them to spread and take over SL grid
[11:18] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : we are doing this for an inanimate virtual fluffer butt hahaha
[11:18] Melody: I would hug my snuffle all day
[11:18] Robotshaz: i do snuffles to get materials to keep shubbies fed
[11:19] Robotshaz: feed my fat shubbie
[11:19] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i want mine to walk with me and stay fed n pooing tho
[11:19] Alaric shouts: Yesh!
[11:19] Robotshaz: materials from snuffles is important
[11:19] Wili Clip shouts: Remember and this goes especially for your miss Robot O.. O Snuffles are the cheapest breedable to breed in whole of Second Life
[11:19] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : and the ability to rename without having to reburrow
[11:19] Robotshaz: well wili i believe that
[11:20] Robotshaz: cause i never played with any other breedables
[11:20] Robotshaz: hehehe
[11:20] Robotshaz: snuffles are my first pets
[11:20] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : may i suggest never breeding horses if you want cheap breedables
[11:20] 亗· Ⓠцεεηⓚiţťŷ Ⓐşhεs Ⓟhεøηiメ ·亗: grrr
[11:20] Wili Clip shouts: they're not fatties and its not good to tell around that they eat too much... they don't... if you compare it with other breedables Snuffles eat the least
[11:20] Wili Clip: That is why they are prime candidate to really take over the gris...
[11:20] Wili Clip shouts: grid
[11:20] Robotshaz: hehehe
[11:20] Alaric shouts: Snuffle Power ❤
[11:20] Robotshaz: mine have big eyes and big hands wili
[11:20] Wili Clip shouts: because everyone can afford to breed them and participate
[11:20] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : not fatties call em fluffer butts
[11:21] Smokie G.: Fluffiess
[11:21] Melody: they not fatties they just have a lot to love
[11:21] Robotshaz: to be honest i said that i would only have 4
[11:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : 𝕀է𝕤 ᔑØ ƒℓ𝕦ƒƒ𝕪 ℹɱ 𝕘𝕠ɳɳα̲̅̅ đℹ℮!!!!....ᔑØ ƑLЏƑƑ℮Ħ!!!!!! D:>
[11:21] Robotshaz: but i kept 10
[11:21] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[11:21] Wili Clip: wooo!
[11:21] Wili Clip: \o/
[11:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : It's so fluffy!!!
[11:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahaha
[11:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : see
[11:21] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : fluffer butts
[11:21] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : 1.7.1: Sorry, something unexpected happened. First make sure that you are within 40 meters of Fish Hunt area. Second if after 3 casts buoy still doesn't work please ask fishing place owner to reset fishing buoy.
[11:22] Melody: yeah had that too a few times in a row
[11:22] 亗· Ⓠцεεηⓚiţťŷ Ⓐşhεs Ⓟhεøηiメ ·亗: something is wrong with the bouy
[11:22] Robotshaz: i will let my snuffles grow up more and then i will give them fishing rod and then they can fish hehehe
[11:22] คtค: had been like that last 15 minutes
[11:22] Aʀʊƈaʀd: same msg shine
[11:22] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahaha make the snuffles fish for u
[11:22] Melody: bouy is like: pay attention to the meeting xD
[11:22] Strawberry Davenport: yes here too, i even tried a relog
[11:22] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : that is why I posted it lol
[11:22] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : work for your food snuffles hahaha
[11:22] Robotshaz: work to keep your snuffles alive
[11:23] Robotshaz: and well fed
[11:23] Melody: they low key remind me of neopets. I dont think that still excists but that was fun!
[11:23] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : gigapets?
[11:23] Robotshaz: i remember neopets
[11:23] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : the little keychain pets?
[11:23] Robotshaz: i also remember tamogothcis
[11:24] Melody: no those are tamagotch
[11:24] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yesss omgggg
[11:24] Melody: neopets was a website
[11:24] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : they were called gigapets here tho
[11:24] - ̗̀ ѕнιиє ̖́- : thanks for the meeting I learned a lot
[11:24] Robotshaz: i killed my tamagotchi
[11:24] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i miss those things i loved them
[11:24] Melody: I did too Robot :P
[11:24] Melody: Many times
[11:24] Melody: poor thing xD
[11:24] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i killed mine too but omgggg those were sooo fun as a kid
[11:24] Smokie G.: Thankie for the learns Mr. Wili
[11:24] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : meeting adjurned?
[11:25] Melody: Yes, thanks Wili ^^
[11:25] Robotshaz: i'm not very good at pet games. i starved a snuffle on my first day
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hahahah
[11:25] Melody: ouch
[11:25] Robotshaz: cause fatty snuffle grabbed too many
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : u know
[11:25] Melody: poor snuffle
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : my snuffles
[11:25] Robotshaz: and 2nd snuffle starved
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : look like my real life pet chinchilla
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : hes grey and has big ears
[11:25] Wili Clip: I got a rl snuffle next to me.. he annoying :P wants me to play his games O.. O
[11:25] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : a chinchilla???
[11:26] Robotshaz: guniea pig
[11:26] Robotshaz giggles
[11:26] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ahhh hahhaha
[11:26] Robotshaz: or hamster
[11:26] Strawberry Davenport: robot you should grab the help notecard about snuffle seeds, use that as a guide for how much food you need
[11:26] Robotshaz: i know costs
[11:26] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i wuv my chinchilla i named him chillie
[11:26] Wili Clip: Thank you everyone for attending.... now everyone who doesn't have snuffle yet... IM me for your REWARD!
[11:26] Robotshaz: i spent hours working out the calculations now
[11:26] Wili Clip: Snuffles pack (value: L$990) with 4 starter snuffles
[11:27] Strawberry Davenport: only keep snuffles out you have the seeds to feed
[11:27] Robotshaz: that be like 2
[11:27] Robotshaz: i think
[11:27] Robotshaz giggles
[11:27] Robotshaz: fatties ate them all
[11:27] Melody: Woa thats one huge reward :o
[11:27] 亗· Ⓠцεεηⓚiţťŷ Ⓐşhεs Ⓟhεøηiメ ·亗: i only have 1 set out at a time
[11:27] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : u need atleast 2 to breed
[11:28] Robotshaz: i had over 4000 seeds in my tree
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i wld set out a pair u want to breed
[11:28] Wili Clip: its in best interest that there are as many breeders as possible
[11:28] Robotshaz: now down to less than 1000
[11:28] Wili Clip: remember that is good for lowering the % scarcity ^^
[11:28] Strawberry Davenport: feed those 2 until you have more money to feed the others, keep the others in inventory til you get more food money
[11:28] Melody: im excited!
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i had 3k and it lasted a few days. not too bad for how cheap it is
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : oh hey
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i do suggest
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : buy up seed
[11:28] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : while its cheap
[11:28] Robotshaz: i tried that
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : more breeders more farmers
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : well actually
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : more farmers means more seed
[11:29] Strawberry Davenport: yes, price is rising enough the mp price had to be adjusted
[11:29] Robotshaz: would be good if there would be an increase in sunflower farmers
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : more seed means it costs less
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i started a sunflower farm
[11:29] Robotshaz: i saw seed price go from 0.026 to 0.031 inworld per seed
[11:29] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : just one to start
[11:29] Aʀʊƈaʀd: i'm so lagged event still on website but cant cast here, is it still going on? lol
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i will set up the watering system today for you or anyone who wants to water
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : on my land
[11:30] Annabel Lee Lovealot: hey i was THISCLOSE to being in top 100 monthly fishers and getting a half price sunflower farm, but then it got reset xD
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i paid full price hahaha
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : Ò_ó Ƥfffffff ò_Ó
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i didnt know u cld do that
[11:30] Strawberry Davenport: i'll get sunflowers after i get enough worm farms to last the week
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : not that i have the time to just sit n fish like that tho
[11:30] Annabel Lee Lovealot: was a reward he announced a while back
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ohh
[11:30] Annabel Lee Lovealot: for the top 100 monthly fisherpeople
[11:30] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i prob wasnt around then
[11:30] Robotshaz: i want to save for 3rd worm farm
[11:31] Robotshaz: i get through worms extremely quickly
[11:31] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : if the sunflower farms goes well i will in time buy more but 4k for one i was like o.o
[11:31] Strawberry Davenport: sunflowers will eat your worms so you'll need an extra worm farm on top of your fishing habit to feeds the sunflowers
[11:31] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : we shall see
[11:31] Robotshaz: oooh
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : yes they need biowaste worms energy and uhh
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : fish
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : am i missing something?
[11:32] Robotshaz: quite a lot then
[11:32] Strawberry Davenport: crystals
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : energy
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i said that
[11:32] Aʀʊƈaʀd: thank you 0/
[11:32] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : LOLOLOL.. HA!!!
[11:33] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i have a suggestion
[11:33] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : as i said we all set price to help one another out on watering farms...
[11:33] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : may we announce in chat when something needs watered?
[11:33] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : so we help someone to water it
[11:33] Robotshaz: some people will automatically go and do it
[11:33] Isa Zeimer: watering sites are lited on website
[11:33] Robotshaz: no stopping some people
[11:33] คtค: They are shown on website
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ahh ok i didnt know
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : prob cuz i only have one little sunflower hahaha
[11:34] Isa Zeimer: get your timings right ...and you will know when and where the next sites will be
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : okies
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : thank you
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : i am going to head out now
[11:34] Robotshaz: best thing to do is keep an eye on the website
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : pleasure meeting you all
[11:34] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : ok robo
[11:34] Wili Clip: all sunflowers that need to be watered can be seen at http://www.snufflesbreedables.net/tools/watering.php
[11:34] Isa Zeimer: time to go too
[11:35] ღ Ɛℓℯɳa ՏaℓvaϮoяℯ ღ : merci and au revoir
[11:35] Robotshaz: see you :)
[11:35] Isa Zeimer: thanks Wili ...and nice to see you again after so long ...take care
[11:35] Wili Clip: \⊙͜o/
[11:35] Wili Clip: ty again everyone for attending...
[11:35] Rebecca: thank you Wili for the meeting
[11:35] misstyeyes: Thank you
[11:35] Robotshaz: np ty for the information and meeting wili
[11:35] Wili Clip: this is group effort to make Snuffles take over the grid...
[11:35] Wili Clip: everyone who has them will benefit...
[11:35] Smokie G.: Was rather informative. Thanks for having us for this meting
[11:36] Wili Clip: kind of every snuffle is like a shareholding company stock...
[11:36] sheepfile: thank you for the snuffles class :)
[11:36] Pakojons Oh: thanks
[11:36] Robotshaz: the more that have snuffles. the more lands and places you can collect materials from
[11:36] Wili Clip: if we grow and spread out all of the stocks gain on value

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