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2nd Breeders Meeting

Watch the short 15 second short video from the meeting

This is the transcript of the 2ndSnuffles Breeders Meeting on Feb 8th 2021 provided by XxAnnabelLeexX.
BIG thanks to XxAnnabelLeexX for her contribution! \O.. O/

[10:10] Wili Clip: Todays meeting topic will be snuffles market and how to sell them
[10:11] Wili Clip: hope we have some professional snuffle breeders with us to help us if we get something wrong ^-^
[10:13] DreeMeDee: ok waits
[10:14] Wili Clip: We are getting lots of new snuffle breeders
[10:14] DreeMeDee: mhm
[10:14] Wili Clip: that get in a bit of a pickle when they want to sell to or buy a snuffle from another player ☺..☺
[10:15] PickleLGH: Wili Clip#5873 [Discord]: yesh
[10:15] turky120: where u guys fishing at
[10:15] Wili Clip: to sell a snuffle is easy... you just do it through a snuffle burrow's menu
[10:15] Wili Clip: we all fishing at the meeting place Business Park (165,161,98)
[10:16] Wili Clip: to buy a snuffle it is also easy but it is very different than people are used from other breedables...
[10:17] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: Why is atm not working? :(
[10:17] Wili Clip: when snuffle is set for sale by a player it can be found on a www.snufflesbreedables.com website...
[10:17] Smokie G.: you buys Snuffies with LGH account, but I don't fish or hunt. Can I convert Lindens into my LGH account?
[10:18] Wili Clip: yes you do it through ATM that is opposite from the Gold Hunt ATM
[10:18] Wili Clip: its color violet
[10:18] Wili Clip: same as for gold hunt landowners who are topping their account for Gold Hunt coins autorefill..
[10:18] Smokie G.: okies. will try mistuh Wlili
[10:19] Wili Clip: most welcome
[10:20] Wili Clip: so on www.snufflesbreedables.com website
[10:20] Wili Clip: when you're looking for a partner for your snuffle... you can easily see if some girl or a boy is being for sale by anyone...
[10:20] Wili Clip: so there is no need for inworld snuffles markets... (but you can still have one if you want).
[10:20] turky120: sounds like marketpalce right but for us?
[10:21] Wili Clip: you can set snuffle for sale through burrow
[10:21] Wili Clip: and then pick up your burrow...
[10:21] Wili Clip: and your snuffle will still sell ^^
[10:21] Smokie G.: ooo goodie
[10:21] Smokie G. scribbles that on her notepad
[10:22] Mysteriah Wichtlein gives cookies to all \☺/
[10:22] Wili Clip: All snuffles that are being sold from 1 fellow breeder to another are listed nicely at http://www.snufflesbreedables.net/guides/recent.php
[10:23] Wili Clip: you can see that on 2021-02-08 01:02:47 someone sold their snuffle for 12 000 L$ ^^
[10:23] Wili Clip: and lots of sales at 300 - 1000 L$ these days
[10:23] Smokie G.: what rarity did they has?
[10:24] Brook Demonia: the central bouy is Not here
[10:24] Wili Clip: the snuffles player to player sales are increasing ^^ as the number of new breeders grows there is an expectation that all rare snuffles that were set on market for sale are underpriced...
[10:24] DreeMeDee: also you can IM ppl who have snuffles for sale ask if they might sell one you are seeking
[10:25] DreeMeDee: even if one isnt for sale and your in need of that one you can ask
[10:25] Brook Demonia: ty
[10:26] turky120: so how i tame one ?
[10:27] DreeMeDee: tame?
[10:27] DreeMeDee: not sure what you mean turk you mean buy one?
[10:27] Wili Clip: Listen to professional snuffler Dree she is Snuffle wise \O.. O/
[10:27] DreeMeDee: lol
[10:27] turky120: oh i have to buy a one
[10:28] turky120: not find one and tame it
[10:28] DreeMeDee: its fun to breed and get rare one
[10:28] DreeMeDee: yes you buy then you breed then you work to get rares
[10:29] Wili Clip: If you ever have any question or curiosity regarding snuffles you can join Snuffles there are always some professional breeders hanging around that can answer your questions. ^^
[10:30] DreeMeDee: you also work your way up in spirit points to get very rare ones
[10:30] Floki1988: how much does it cost to raise snuffles to where you can breed them?
[10:31] Wili Clip: Good news... everyone who is participating in this meeting (and is actively seeing this message & does not yet have snuffles) - you are going to be rewarded a Snuffles pack (value: L$990) with 4 starter snuffles!!!!
[10:31] Boinkip: hi Wili.Any good news about the silver game?
[10:31] DreeMeDee: awe how fun!
[10:31] turky120: so great
[10:31] Smokie G.: Yrd. and they were's very cute snuffies
[10:31] Riemnex: That's cool
[10:31] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: wow thats cool
[10:32] Wili Clip: Snuffles are the cheapest breedables in SL
[10:32] Wili Clip: they cost 0.02 USD per snuffle a day...
[10:32] Floki1988: could I raise 4 to maturity for less than 1000?
[10:32] Annabel Lee Lovealot: i got the starter pack, and one of my first babies has a face pattern, 12ish% scarcity :D and they're sooo cute too
[10:33] Wili Clip: thats around 5 L$ (depending on seed prices on market)
[10:33] Wili Clip: this can easily be fished up daily and much more....
[10:33] turky120: seeds every day
[10:34] DreeMeDee: grow your own sunflowers its another fun part of game
[10:35] Smokie G.: but sunnyflowers costs a LOT of lindens
[10:35] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: I have non of the land
[10:36] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: no land to put them
[10:36] Wili Clip: If you are REALLY hearing for Snuffles for a very very 1st time you can watch this 15 seconds video https://www.tiktok.com/@kingsnuffle/video/6925074200101276933 and you'll be up to date ^^
[10:37] Wili Clip: Business Park offers non profit the cheapest farming and snuffles plots for snufflers and farmers... ^^
[10:37] turky120: so where i should put them ? i dont have land
[10:37] Wili Clip: starting at 16 L$ / a week for 20 prims
[10:38] DreeMeDee: there is land here to rent
[10:38] Boinkip: is it possible to get free land?
[10:38] Wili Clip: that is non profit price same as the rent to Linden Lab ^^
[10:38] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: yes is cheaper then most land rentals
[10:38] turky120: so there any fee for all that works
[10:39] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: can snufles die from hunger?
[10:39] Smokie G. wimpers
[10:39] Boinkip: so you buy snuffles and feed seeds everyday? that is 5 lindens per day?
[10:39] Wili Clip: if you forget to feed them they go in ghost mode... but you can reburrow them with some energy and they come back to life
[10:40] turky120: great
[10:40] Boinkip: you can sell them any day? or is there some period or levels?
[10:40] Wili Clip: yes and when you get rare snuffles that not many other breeders have you can sell them at 10X to 100X the price and make nice profit... is only really starting.... ^^
[10:41] Wili Clip: you can set them for sale any time ^^
[10:41] Smokie G. lightnes up. so we can resurects them
[10:41] Boinkip: oh nice
[10:41] DreeMeDee: and its fun
[10:41] turky120: great money and fun
[10:41] Floki1988: oops forgot to click the not afk
[10:41] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: thats a good thing for if you are not here for some days
[10:41] Wili Clip: and if you have doubles you can also release them and they give you gold and snuffle points - SP that when you have enough you can claim them for a Limited Edition snuffle
[10:42] DreeMeDee: yes and those are sooooo cute
[10:42] Riemnex: How often do they breed?
[10:42] DreeMeDee: once a day
[10:43] Wili Clip: they like to multiply like bunnies ☺..☺
[10:43] Boinkip: you mean 1 snuffle splits into many?
[10:43] DreeMeDee: no they have babies
[10:43] Wili Clip: 1 couple gives you 1 baby ☺
[10:44] DreeMeDee: you need a couple
[10:44] Smokie G.: a matching couple
[10:44] turky120: the baby can takes a 3 days to be adult ?
[10:44] ionatastic: Just remember to play the Barry White record ;)
[10:44] DreeMeDee: breeding partner on page you can see what one works with another
[10:44] DreeMeDee: lol
[10:44] DreeMeDee: IONA you made me spit my water lauging
[10:45] ionatastic: :P
[10:45] Wili Clip: :P
[10:45] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: u get each day a baby?
[10:45] DreeMeDee: yes
[10:45] ionatastic: Mhmm.. if the Couple are compatible.
[10:46] DreeMeDee: and you can set free if its not one you want and you will get gold
[10:46] Wili Clip: you can know how rare is the baby snuffle by its scarcity %
[10:46] DreeMeDee: and spirit points
[10:46] Wili Clip: scarcity % is the % of all snuffle breeders that also own that snuffle... so lower the % number is the more rare your snuffle is and higher price in L$ you can sell it...
[10:46] DreeMeDee: the lower the better
[10:46] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: so 1 couple each day a new snuffle baby
[10:47] Wili Clip: the coolest thing about this is... when more new players join to breed snuffles all the snuffles in existence are becoming more rare
[10:47] DreeMeDee: yes
[10:47] Wili Clip: and their value in L$ grows
[10:47] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: ok
[10:48] Floki1988: Not sure if I make enough to raise the snuffles but I could try
[10:48] Wili Clip: so lots of professional breeders who know what they're doing started buying rare snuffles off the exchange because currently they're under priced for the growth in new snuffle breeders we're experiencing due to
[10:48] 亗· Prιncess Eolιa ·亗: is it not the more of a snuffle there are the less rare they be?
[10:48] Wili Clip: more snuffle breeders make even more snuffle breeders.... its spreading like virus all over SL grid...
[10:49] Wili Clip: as friends of snuffle breeders want to breed snuffles too when they see how fun and profitable it is ^^
[10:49] DreeMeDee: and collect poo and make potions
[10:49] Wili Clip:
[10:50] Wili Clip: Floki1988 if you fish daily you can easily support 4 - 10 snuffle babies ^^
[10:50] Wili Clip: or even more.. depending how much you fish
[10:51] Wili Clip: that for is \O.. O/
[10:51] Floki1988: I will have to think about whether to save for a better rod or breed snuffles
[10:51] ionatastic: Mhmm.. and hopefully.. More Snuffle Breeders = More Materials to collect to Sell or Craft.
[10:51] turky120: breed snuffles needs land to put them there
[10:52] Wili Clip: Diamond... when more snuffle breeders join the Snuffles breeding game the already existing snuffles become more rare :) the snuffle game is brilliantly designed in that way
[10:52] Wili Clip: and for new breeders it takes some time until they also get the rare breeds
[10:52] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: what does the fishing do with the Snuffles?
[10:53] Annabel Lee Lovealot: yes, everyone can collect mats and sell them on the exchange for cheap so crafters can make potions and shubbie food for cheap -- win win!
[10:53] Wili Clip: Floki with smart budgeting you can do both ^^
[10:53] ionatastic: L$ to help with seed costs.
[10:54] Robotshaz: yo
[10:54] Mysteriah Wichtlein: sup
[10:54] turky120: welcome
[10:54] Boinkip: what a great concept!
[10:54] Wili Clip: with fishing you can make enough L$ to buy seeds breed your snuffles and get rare ones and sell them for more L$.... this way you make more L$ than if you just collected the L$ from fishing ...
[10:54] Wili Clip: its kind of like investing! :)
[10:55] Floki1988: oh ok now I see the use for the fish cards
[10:55] Boinkip: got it so start with basic ones then move to rare ones
[10:56] Tasos Gregan: is there a rank or xp like fish hunt?
[10:57] DreeMeDee: http://www.snufflesbreedables.net/achievements/achievements.php
[10:57] DreeMeDee: yes
[10:57] Boinkip: can i still breed snuffles i don't fish much?
[10:57] DreeMeDee: yes
[10:57] Mysteriah Wichtlein: sure anyone can breed :)
[10:57] Boinkip: ok ty
[10:57] Mysteriah Wichtlein: thats the beauty of them'
[10:58] Mysteriah Wichtlein: :)
[10:58] Mysteriah Wichtlein: welcomes
[10:58] Wili Clip: OK so for all participants of this meeting who don't have snuffles yet - you're going to be rewarded a GIFT sponsored by KING Snuffle himself!
[10:58] Robotshaz: as long as you can afford to feed them
[10:58] Wili Clip: Snuffles pack (value: L$990) with 4 starter snuffles!!!
[10:59] turky120: yooohhhh
[10:59] Smokie G. bows to the snuffie king
[10:59] Wili Clip: You can IM Wili Clip to claim your gift and consider yourself lucky you were at the right place in the right time!
[10:59] ionatastic: All Hail the Snuffle King =^.^=
[10:59] turky120: long live the snuffie king
[10:59] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: I like the king snuffle looks super cute
[10:59] Tasos Gregan: thanks
[10:59] DreeMeDee: yay to all beginners
[10:59] DreeMeDee: hi5
[10:59] DreeMeDee: happy breeding!
[11:01] Smokie G.: And gives your snuffies much cookies
[11:01] Wili Clip: Woo we are getting lots of new breeders!
[11:01] Riemnex: And attention, I'm sure.
[11:02] Boinkip: absolutely great concept
[11:02] ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ĐƐZĪŔƐ вƦανєнєαƦт: lets look for snuffles .D
[11:03] ionatastic: We'll soon be drowning in a Sea of cuteness and Poo ;)
[11:03] Wili Clip: I ♥ Snuffles and their Snuffle 💩 = gold

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