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NOTE: Written by Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater)


Hi fisher! Fisher cards are a new and exciting way to earn in Fish Hunt. Think of fisher cards as the in world equivalent of a RL baseball card. In this case, there is one card per fisher. That means yours is unique!

Below we are going to talk a lot about selling your fisher card. You don't have to do this; you can just create the card and hold on to it for as long as you like. If you do this, you will just want to follow some of the card creation steps and not set a price for your card.

Note: To take part in this you must have at least 3K (3,000) fishing experience (XP.) The reason for this is simple: The people buying your fisher card want to know that you'll be around and that you're dedicated to fishing. They make money off of their investment because as you rise through the fisher ranks, you not only make more as a fisher, but your status grows, making your card more valuable!

Excited about creating your own card? TP to:

to get started!

To create your fisher card:

To create your own Fisher Card:
- Simply click on the red statue. That is the fisher card dealer. A menu will pop up. Click the "my card" button.

Here, you can specify the percent of fishing earnings to share with the buyer of your card. The default percentage is 5% and this is fine. If you want to specify a higher percentage so your card can be sold for more up front, you can. We recommend thinking about this carefully however as you are giving a percentage of your earnings.

To some fishers, this part causes hesitancy in the process. Remember that you are making a sizeable amount up front so this can offset any earnings you give to your fish card holder.

Remember: you decide the price of your fisher card. When it sells for the first time, you get fifty percent (50%) of the sales price. Every time your fish card owner sells it after that, you get twenty-five (25) percent of whatever it sells for.

We recommend that you look at the fisher cards that have sold in the past to get a better idea of what to sell yours for. You can find the list here:

To set your price, click on the card dealer again and choose "my card" from the menu. This time you will input your sales price.

You can check the status of your fisher card at any time by clicking on the fisher card dealer.

Do you want to invest in fisher cards? Read below!

If you love fishing and love collecting things, this might be for you. We recommend that you also check the list of fisher cards for sale and the ones that have sold previously. You will also want to study the monthly fisher rankings carefully to make sure you are buying a card from an active fisher.

The monthly fisher rankings are updated in real time so if you have a fisher you are watching to assess potential value, we recommend you check it often.

Here it is:

To buy a card, click the fisher card statue. Provide the ID of the fisher card you want to buy. You can
find it at:

After you buy, check the status of your Fisher Cards by simply clicking on the Fish Card Dealer statue.

Have fun everyone and remember, we are always here to help! Just ask in Linden Gold Hunters group chat for assistance should you need it.




New protection against card sellers that wouldn't fish:
*1st time card sellers get payment in credits they can use for fishing equipment. If the card Buyer (Master) approves it can be withdrawn as L$.



NOTE: Written by Mermaid Celene (celenehighwater)

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