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(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from herehttps://web.archive.org/web/20190412085713/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/BOUYS)


====Functions and Features====
This table presents the different features available with each type/color of buoy.



Color Tax Rate Lottery Multiplier Fishpot
Blue Demo Buoy (free) 65% Yes Yes Yes
Red 50% Yes No No
Red 30% Yes No No
Yellow 50% Yes Yes No
Yellow 30% Yes Yes No
Blue 30% Yes Yes Yes
Blue 10% Yes Yes Yes



These bouys are available at our marketplace store or at in-world vendors. You will note a price variation between same-color buoys;
this is caused by the tax rate of individual buoys. The lower the tax rate - the higher the initial cost will be. A lower tax rate insures that
you pay less to maintain a filled buoy - more of your funding goes to the fisher !


====For The Landowners====
To set up a genuine Fish Hunt buoy on your land, simply rez the buoy by dragging it to the ground. You will see a pop up appear asking to
grant debit permissions. You must click yes to enable the ability to pay in to the buoy. Next, click the buoy to gain the pay option and choose
the amount you wish to begin with. This action places you on our land directory list. As you gain more traffic, your land will rise through this list towards the top. Holding Multi events causes it to rise faster. During an actual multi event your parcel will be placed in the top few spots for easy location by our fishers. When the event ends, your land reverts to its previously held spot in the list.
===Important things to know about your buoy and its operation===
  • 'All genuine Fish Hunt buoys must be placed a minimum of 70-90 m from each other so as to avoid interaction between scripts.
  • When you begin a multi event this event is sent to our LGH group, where members can see the multiplier used and are given a link to the event.
  • You can set your buoy to private,  you can contact a GM or Wili Clip about it.
  • While it is allowed to set a buoy to private or to "group only", you cannot charge for the joining of this group to any member. We suggest placing a join group sign near where the buoy is placed
  • When your buoy becomes funded it is automatically placed into our [[Fish Hunt Hud], where fishers can use the Hud system to vote up on your parcel. These votes determine where your parcel is placed within the hud.
  • Another method of gaining votes to increase your standings on our search lists is by using the Fish Hunt voting station included with your buoy purchase (latest version is 1.8). Our members love to say thank you by using the vote station so do be sure to place one!
  • It is strongly suggested you read our TOS concerning further rules that govern the buoy and its use.


(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from herehttps://web.archive.org/web/20190412085713/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/BOUYS)

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