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Farm Frenzy gives land owners the opportunity to earn linden by farming worms for use in Fish Hunt. It takes time to develop your Farming Experience, but eventually you'll be able to dominate the farming industry and sell your produce to the masses.


Get your first farm

Because you have no Farming Experience you will need to start off by farming Small Worms. Get your first Small Worms Farm and Small Worms Breeding Pack from the marketplace or inworld and place them on your land. Each farm will need a space of 3m x 3m. Some people choose to place them in a Farm Holder, but one is not required.

Seeding your farm

Now that you have your farm set up you will need to prepare it to grow worms. First of all place your Small Worms Breeding Pack on the ground. A message will come up to say that a breeding pack has been added to your account and then it will vanish. Next you'll need to get some Clean Water and Biowaste. You can get Biowaste from making your own with the biowaste composter or from the Biowaste Exchange. Clean water can only be purchased from the Clean Water Vendor. Prices on the exchanges vary according to supply and demand - this is a real economy with real price fluctuations.

Ensuring your harvest completes

After you have seeded your farm you should take care not to pick it up again before it completes the growth cycle. If you do so you will lose all progress that you have made.

Finally touch the farm and use the menus that come up to add a breeding pack, add Clean Water and add Biowaste. Once completed the hover text will change to show the percentage progress in the worm growth cycle.

Harvesting and selling your crop

Once completed you will notice that worms appear on the soil of your farm. Just touch the farm to reset it and claim your worms. You will be able to use your farm over and over again in this way. You can sell your worms easily by touching any Worm Exchange Barrel and then setting a volume and sales price. The Worm Exchange Barrels are linked together grid-wide, and your worms will be offered for sale at every one of them. Remember though that this is an exchange - the lowest priced worms will sell first.

Withdrawing your earnings

Withdrawing your earnings couldn’t be easier. Just visit the Fish Hunt Headquarters and click the ATM machine. Provided you have at least 1L$ on your Gold Hunt Account you’ll be sent your earnings immediately. Otherwise you might have to find some more fish before you can withdraw.

Want to farm but own no land?

There are a number of landowners offering small farming plots to rent for very small amounts of linden per week. This allows you to run your own personal small worm farm at a low cost! Locate a Game Master or LGH Elder to get more detail.


(NOTE: retrieved from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190914064324/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/FarmFrenzy)

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