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Materials (mats) are the ingredients needed to craft. Mats are part of your resources and can be viewed by touching the stone head here


*toxic mushrooms

*dried evil mushrooms



*clean water


*worms (small, tasty, enchanteds, magic)


Where Do I Get Mats

Mats can be gained through fishing, gold hunting, and collecting from snuffles resource sites.

They can also be bought from the Crafting Hut at Fish Hunt Head Quarters.

What Can I Do With Mats

Besides using them for crafting, you can also sell your mats to others. This is where you go to sell them.

Clicking the bin initiates the sell/buy menu. This menu and local chat will help you complete your sell order with ease.


How Much Can I Sell My Mats For?

The going rate for Mats is displayed in the hover text over the bin. Click the bin one time to make sure the value is current.

You can set the sale price of your Mats lower or higher or for the same amount. The lowest priced sell first, and then the next lowest and so on. Setting them too high will hamper them being sold and setting them too ;low will not only harm the market value but will hardly make selling them worth your time. It is generally best to sell for the price listed as current market value.


Buying and Selling Bio-Waste

Biowaste Exchange Container can be found at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/167/227/21

Before any buying or selling is done, always remember to touch the container to refresh the stats so that latest prices are displayed for you.

*At the time of writing, the stats are as follows:

Total units of biowaste for sale: 17357

Ask Price: 0.97 L$/unit (quantity: 100)

Bid Price: 0.65 L$/unit (quantity: 100)

30% commission applied on every sale

Ask Price means the price that players who own biowaste are willing to sell. Lowest sell price will be displayed.

Bid Price means the price that players who intend to buy biowaste are willing to pay. Highest buy price will be displayed.

When you touch Biowaste Exchange Container, a window will pop up on your screen with few buttons on it – Sell, Rem Sell Ord, Sell Order, Buy Order, Leave and Ignore buttons.

I’ll try to explain what these buttons mean.

SELL – Players intending to sell biowaste have the option of selling 100 or 1000 biowaste to the buyers who have set a maximum price '

that they will pay to get biowaste. Based on the stats above, if you are a biowaste seller, you would have sold 100 biowaste at the price of 0.65 L$/unit.

This means immediate selling of biowaste.

REM SELL ORDER – When this button is clicked, any biowaste that you have placed to sell will be sent back to your fishing rod, which will be stated in local.

If there is (blank) quantity returned, that means the biowaste are already sold.

SELL ORDER – Players intending to sell biowaste have several quantities to choose from, minimum is 20 biowaste. Once you have selected the quantity to sell,

type in local the price you are willing to sell your biowaste at. Type the (channel) and (price in decimal number). Example /9 1.0

If you set your price at a fraction lower than the Ask Price showing on top of Biowaste Exchange Container, you will see the changes reflected in Ask Price.

Based on the stats above, there are 100 biowaste for sale at the price of 0.97 L$/unit

BUY ORDER – If you intend to buy biowaste but do not want to pay the Ask Price, you can set your price here. Select either to buy 100 or 1000 biowaste,

then type in local the price you are willing to pay. Type the (channel) and (price in decimal number). Example /9 0.5

L$ will be reserved from your Fish Hunt account for the amount that you have placed to buy biowaste. Take note that if you do not have sufficient L$ in Fish Hunt account,

this transaction will fail.

LEAVE and IGNORE buttons are self-explanatory.

So how do you buy biowaste immediately? Just right click the container and select Pay. Based on the above stats, if you pay 97 L$ you will receive 100 biowaste in your fishing rod.


(NOTE: retrived from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190412092031/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/Materials)

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