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(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from here and notecards from help center: https://web.archive.org/web/20200220055843/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/SHUBBIES)


Shubbies are your ultimate companions for the Goldtokens.net gaming series. Using them will give you advantages and you'll be able to take increasing advantage of them as you level and breed them to become even more powerful allies. Shubbies are completely transferable unless you decide to use your shubbie and bind your shubbie to yourself, at that point the shubbie can no longer be sold or given away. Your shubbie has become your helper only and will not want to help or be with any other owner.

The Water Spirit Shubbie is for fishing and will increase xp per cast as well as reduce cast times.

The Ice Shubbie will give the hunter more xp per coin collected, with the higher coins and gems giving a progressively higher xp per collection



Rez your Shubbie

Click your Shubbie

Click bind:



Shubbies consume White Powder. If a Shubbie runs out of powder it will lose 4000xp but receive 200 white powder.

Once you've obtained your food. The next step is to feed the Shubbie. To do this you have two options. The first is to use it kind of like a potion. Go to inventory, right click it and hit add. Once it's on you, click the food and on the menu click the choice that says feed or get food. The second option is to rez the food out on land where you have rez rights and do the same process.

*NOTE OF WARNING: do not rez more than one food at a time to feed your Shubbie If you rez several the Shubbie will try to gobble them all down and often will waste much of it so you'll lose some in the process. Best to do them one at a time. You can feed it several just do it one at a time.

Water Spirits

Blue Water Spirit:

Effect of Blue Shubbie [5% cast speed increase] (+1 BONUS Fishing EXP)

1 White Powder per fishing cast (under level 32)

2 White Powders per fishing cast (above level 32)

Green Water Spirit:

Effect of green Shubbie [10% cast speed increase] (+3 BONUS Fishing EXP):

2 White Powder per fishing cast (under level 32)

4 White Powders per fishing cast (above level 32)

Red Water Spirit:

Effect of RED Shubbie [15% cast speed increase] (+5 BONUS Fishing EXP):

3 White Powder per fishing cast (under level 32)

6 White Powders per fishing cast (above level 32)



Water Spirit

Level 32: 50487 * First Split

Level 33: 60487 * Second Split
2nd Split = 79.23 % of pet level 33 completed.

Level 34: 70487 * Third Split
3rd Split = 46.76 % of pet level 34 completed.

Once a Shubbie reaches level 32: 50487 pet exp. then you can tp here to the shubbie incubator to split it. you will receive another Shubbie.  first split is usually green, but can be red. 2nd and 3rd split can be blue, green or red. This can either be used for yourself or traded to another player. Your Shubbie will tell you how far you have to go before you reach the next level.

- Once your Shubbie has split 3 times, it will no longer split any further. While it will still work adding to your XP, it however will not split any further. After the 3rd split it's time to detach and start a new one. Alternatively you can send Wili Clip an im, and have it deleted from the server so it will no longer eat if you don't wish to start a new one.

- Detaching a Shubbie into inventory will not stop it eating, it will continue to eat in your inventory. However water (fishing) won't find pet alacrity potions while in inventory, only while attached.

- Enable keyword alerts with "RUNNING LOW" to avoid it running out of food and losing exp points.


Water Spirit

While wearing your shubbie pet you stand a chance of winning one of these random gifts

1) Alacrity Potion = benefits by lowering your cast time by 30%

2) Pet Alacrity Potions = lowers your cast time by a small amount but has a cumulative effect when used with the alacrity potion to improve your casting times.


(NOTE: I haven't written it, it's retrived from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20200220055843/http://www.goldtokens.net/wiki/SHUBBIES)

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